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  1. So people kept comparing my spacecraft to fictional submarine vessels (cough... subnautica... cough). The next step was inevitable I think. Introducing the first terrestrial vehicle department of ASE (my fictional spacecraft company ). It is the first KSP submarine I build and I had a lot to learn. Turboprops don't work under water sadly and getting the balance between control and stability is very tricky. It helped to stop thinking of it as a sub but instead as an inverted zeppelin. The craft is still a work in progress but it maneuvers really well (for a sub) already. I hope to share the cr
  2. Hello, Though I've previously shared crafts on Reddit and KerbalX this is the first craft I wanted to show off on the forums. I really like to make scifi looking space crafts with just the stock (+DLC) parts. This is my latest creation, the ASE Heimwee-class heavy SSTO. Here's some more pictures of a demonstration mission to Ike I just finished: More images: Features: Enough dV to get into orbit and land on Minmus or the Mun for refuelling. After a refuel it has enough dV to go pretty much anywhere. (destinations are TWR limited) On-board ore drill and process
  3. Excellent help! I thought I could dismiss that solution from the other graphics bug as I already dealt with the big black terrain glitches by turning off "celestial bodies cast self-shadows" but editing the settings.cfg file like that indeed solved the problem. Strange that isn't the default setting. Thank you.
  4. Had not checked back in this thread but thanks for the kind words of welcome!
  5. Hello, I'm having this issue where the shadows generated by my craft are flickering. (So likely a separate issue from the big black terrain shadow glitches that have been reported elsewhere lately). It's really quite annoying. Here's a short GIF I recorded of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/K8Ub0lQ I have just upgraded my graphics card so that might be a factor but I am hoping it's not the root cause and it can be fixed with a setting of either the game or graphics which I'm not aware of. Is there any advise you could give me here? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks. I will once I add a new vessel to the collection.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been posting stuff on KerbalX and Reddit for a while and thought I'd hop in here as well. I bought the game before the steam edition arrived so I cannot check but my hours played probably reach embarrassingly deep into the 4 digits at this point. I primarily like to design and build in-space spaceships where I like to find a nice balance between looks and in-game functionality. Below an image of my favorite craft to date. No idea what the forums will bring, but excited to join and find out! - CSX6400
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