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  1. Thank you for your response HansAcker. I have successfully submitted the bug report, issue #27128. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thank you Chemp for your response. I did not respond here right away because I was led to believe that this forum was where bugs were to be reported. Thank you for the helpful link, although once I read through the "ksp bug tracker wiki" I could not find an actual location to submit the report. Lots of useful formatting information, but no actual "submit bug here" info (unless I have missed it, in which case I apologize). Can you please expand on where to submit a bug report? Otherwise, I am glad that someone could re-produce this bug to prove that it needs fixing.
  3. Fresh install, unmodded, new sandbox game, version (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us / 1.6.0 Breaking Ground. Game crashes instantly after the following occurs while within either the VAB or the SPH: - New vehicle. - Select Mk1 Command Pod to place it as origin component. - Attach a TD-12 Decoupler to the bottom node of the pod. - Attach a C7 Brand Adapter - 2.5m to 1.25m fuel tank in default orientation to the bottom node of the decoupler. - Click on the placed fuel tank to "hold" it. - Press Ctrl-Z to replace the fuel tank. - Flip the held fuel tank upside down by tapp
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