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  1. Waiting for the launch of the Duna Mission
  2. I've thought about this before, glad I'm not the only one.
  3. when I open the better time warp box I cant change anything or even do anything because all the buttons dissapeared and my timewarp is stuck in 500x mode help help help hep
  4. When I Tab Out of KSP It takes like 5-8 tries to tab back into KSP
  5. I have an idea: why don’t you make a config for the stock game that moves the stars because it’s kerbin and not earth.
  6. Ever since the creation of the kerbal space program, kerbals have wondered: can you preform a direct ascent mission to tylo? TODAY WE FIND OUT! RULES: 1: it MUST be a direct ascent mission meaning no landers or orbital assembly 2: you must bring at least 3 kerbals 3: No using mods such as NFP or Kerbal Atomics because they add cheaty engines 4: No warp drives or kraken drives 5: no using cheats to set orbits, refuel crafts, or move tylo and finally: 6: NO. REFUELING. New rule, number 7: No gravity assists any missions before 09:06 AM CDT are still accepted happy flight! TOP SUBMISSIONS 1: camajou, for his mission having only 30 tons! 2: N/A 3: N/A 4: N/A 5: N/A 6: N/A 7: N/A 8: N/A 9: N/A 10: N/A Still no badge
  7. DaBakonAder


    Oh my god this is such a broke thread
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