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  1. It might not work for your project Because this is the forum for a game called kerbal space program, but it is a fun game al around and these forums are really cool.
  2. I Honestly still prefer the old ones, but these ones are really cool too!
  3. really! Well i might try using this aswell... if my computer can handle it.
  4. i wanted to delete that because I Realized that it was dumb but i couldn't delete it
  5. sorry rover but the truth is i kinda prefer Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
  6. i forgot to choose this, but definatley easier manuver nodes
  7. where do people keep designing these?
  8. What a coincidence, last week I did the same thing! :O What a coincidence, I did the same last week!
  9. Probably kraken waste or some soda.
  10. The manuver mode text interface, I only use the graphical one.
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