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  1. This mod works just fine for 1.11 believe it or not, only problem is a “lazer light show” appears when you pan the camera in a certain way
  2. Ok. the fact you can change for vacuums is cool within its self, but the fact you can also simulate other atmospheres? Wow. The Terrier is my In Vacuum engine, and the Swivel/Reliant is my atmosphere engine
  3. Ok. So the built in reader calculates for atmosphere, so it *LOOKS* like 4000, but its really more like 5000 So a configuration of 2 reliant side boosters + swivel for kerbin -> LKO + a terrier to get to Minmus + a terrier to land & return to Kerbin will LOOK like 4000, but calculating Vacuums & what not, its more like 5000
  4. So to get to Minmus and Back i'd need 5940 m/s of dV, but i got to minmus and back with only 4000
  5. Multiplayer Might be cool depending on how it works.
  6. Ok this is beautiful. HAVE to download this. Hope it doesn't crash my pc. Edit: Could you update it to 1.11? I Know Kopernicus is updated to work with 1.11, and so is module manager. Could you update it?
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