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  1. trying this... WORKED! (do i have to do it every time I open the save or just once?)
  2. Ok, so for some reason, despite having actually deleted the suits folder, it keeps replacing my stock suits with TR ones. (I might just need to reload the MM cache, and I haven’t been able to yet)
  3. Yes, of course! I was referring to all 1.12 sub updates, not just 1.12.0.
  4. I don’t use those, and I don’t think I’ve played since 12.2 but it should work
  5. I’ve been using blueshift + Rex and I haven’t crashed, I’m just worried the system ending and interplanetary boosts won’t work
  6. what's the minimum warping altitude for each planet?
  7. I’m in stockish, I’m using the stock planets but I also have OPM and I don’t use the visuals because my computer isn’t good enough to use them
  8. I’ve been using this in 1.12.2, and it’s worked fine. I do have one question: can you try and add blueshift compatibility?
  9. I’ve been using this mod just fine since 1.12 came out. Your game will (probably) be fine, just make sure you make a backup first
  10. So wait: Gravicentric generators make gravity waves and use graviolium. the gravity waves power the warp engines, which allow us to go F A S T What Are the fusion reactors for?
  11. OH! I get it now, I thought that parts can fail when activated had to be on as well
  12. Yeah pretty much. It’s incredibly disappointing, but if you download It, the textures are all .png, so it takes hours, if not literal DAYS to load. I should know, I tried. I opened the game at like, 8:30 AM and it still wasn’t loaded by 9:00 PM
  13. I do have one question: if I turn everything off but parts require maintenance, what’ll happen?
  14. I was actually just wondering this. It makes sense now, that the planet has such a high atm pressure that you can’t take off
  15. Yeah it’s a problem with the textures. Sorry You can’t really fix it
  16. Waiting for the launch of the Duna Mission
  17. I've thought about this before, glad I'm not the only one.
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