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  1. Yeah it’s a problem with the textures. Sorry You can’t really fix it
  2. Waiting for the launch of the Duna Mission
  3. I've thought about this before, glad I'm not the only one.
  4. when I open the better time warp box I cant change anything or even do anything because all the buttons dissapeared and my timewarp is stuck in 500x mode help help help hep
  5. When I Tab Out of KSP It takes like 5-8 tries to tab back into KSP
  6. I have an idea: why don’t you make a config for the stock game that moves the stars because it’s kerbin and not earth.
  7. Ever since the creation of the kerbal space program, kerbals have wondered: can you preform a direct ascent mission to tylo? TODAY WE FIND OUT! RULES: 1: it MUST be a direct ascent mission meaning no landers or orbital assembly 2: you must bring at least 3 kerbals 3: No using mods such as NFP or Kerbal Atomics because they add cheaty engines 4: No warp drives or kraken drives 5: no using cheats to set orbits, refuel crafts, or move tylo and finally: 6: NO. REFUELING. New rule, number 7: No gravity assists any missions before 09:06 AM CDT are still accepted happy flight! TOP SUBMISSIONS 1: camajou, for his mission having only 30 tons! 2: N/A 3: N/A 4: N/A 5: N/A 6: N/A 7: N/A 8: N/A 9: N/A 10: N/A Still no badge
  8. DaBakonAder


    Oh my god this is such a broke thread
  9. This appears to be 1.12.1 compatible! (I’ve been using it)
  10. It works in 1.12 just fine from what I can tell ( because I use it)
  11. Really Like the "Calm Nebula Skybox" but I have one question: Could you make the nebulae bigger so that on saves with other star systems, when you zoom out really far the nebulae don't disappear?
  12. I have been using this on 1.12.1, and while I acknowledge the fact that it isn’t officially supported, I’m still using it, and I have on,y actually found one bug: the little Kerbal pic thing in the bottom right’s camera is clipped in the wall Inspiring stuff
  13. I have been using this on ksp 1.12.1, haven’t found any bugs yet, although I haven’t unlocked the warp drives yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also renamed some of the stuff KERPIST —> FLIPPIST Tau Ceki —> Pi Ceki Kerman’s Star (Barnard edition) —> Werner’s Star These names were made as to remove confusion, and make stuff just sound better
  14. Hey I have one! this patch is designed to fix the custom barn kit errors in science and sandbox mode that turn your building so the wrong level and you cant upgrade them, so it deletes levels all together. heres the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2amqicgx4knheqw/AABpYdKlNnm6sXHES6vjchHIa?dl=0 This Does Require Module Manager and Custom Barn Kit, but you should already have those since this is to fix them (Please note that the link sends you to the folder that contains all of my things, not just this one, and if you install any other things, they will merge into one "Triangular Technologies LLC" Folder) don’t use this it’s very broken
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