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  1. Hello, I am trying to use my friend Chloe's mod (Aurora Space Center) which requires KK and it's menu. I try doing Ctrl + K and it will not work. Please help!
  2. It isn't. For some reason everything just doesn't work.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there is a good Realism mod that won't crash your game, will work with 1.9-1.11.1 and will work with other mods? If you know of any please let me know
  4. I got the DLC now dont worry
  5. I did and I don't see anything. I turned it on but I still do not have the feature.
  6. How do I fix this? I cannot launch from other pads that are from KSC Extended and not even the base game itself.
  7. The problem with it, some have DLC and, I sadly do not have the DLC's.
  8. Hello, Jeb here, Is there any good SLS Crafts I can get?
  9. I figured it out. Just the version I was using.
  10. Hello, Is it just me or does it say Incompatible in the VAB even though you are on the right version? I'm on 1.8.1 Thanks, Ummmm Kerman
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