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  1. It is stuck on the pad. The normal Starship on the Test Pad.
  2. I place the second stage ontop of the decoupler, the engine on top because thats the only place it can go, The fairing goes inside of the second stage
  3. Hey, I'm having some Trouble. The Second stage, I don't know how to put it correctly. It's where the fairing just goes into the second stage.
  4. Hey, I have the mod installed, but for some reason, It won't allow Starship to take off. Cheers, Kaylin
  5. tony really left me on read

  6. KSRSS does not work.


  7. I got a question for y'all.

    Any Small Sat mods? (besides Dodolabs and Luciole) 

  8. gbyub iuiiuiuj

    1. UmmmmKerman


      the noise you make when you're trying to land on a droneship but the booster just goes through it

  9. ur reputation is big now

    1. Starhelperdude
    2. Stormpilot


      Big like the stars he helps :) 

  10. Good update. Thank you Squad and Thank you Private Division. o7's KSP 1
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