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  1. Can someone help me out with an odd problem? I have a host of mods installed, including almost all of Near Future Technologies. Near Future constructions is creating an odd problem when launching vehicles using the 7.5 m parts where the spacecraft will not move untill all 7.5 m parts are decoupled. It seems to only happen with "EA-AD-SKL Adapter" part, any suggestions other than not using that part?
  2. thank you, I ran it by the ScanSat forum and they say I should be fine as well
  3. Well that was dumb of me lmao, thank you for the response and for not shaming me
  4. I am in version 1.8.1 of KSP as I am running an extensive mod pack so I am not willing to use a different version of the game and I should be running the correct version of all my mods since it seems to be a mostly stable install. I am running Scansat v20.0 concurrently with Outer Panets Mod 2.2.6 and after sending probes by cheating in sandbox mode, the display windows for the planet Sarnus is only displaying statistic. I have used ScanSat successfully on most of the inner planets and i am fairly certain I am in the right orbit (polar); does v20.0 of ScanSat work with OPM 2.2.6?
  5. I am in version 1.8.1 of KSP as I am running an extensive mod pack, there for I am using the 1.8.1 versions of this mod and Kopernicus and I am not willing to update to a different version of either the game or the mods. Now that that is out of the way, one mod i am attempting to run concurrently with outer planets is ScanSat. DOes anyone know if Outer Planets in its 1.8.1 version is compatible with the 1.8.1 version of ScanSat?
  6. I am running KSP 1.8.1 because I have a lot of mods running on that version, one of which is custom barn kits. I ran into an error on a sandbox save and I am checking mod forums to see if someone can help. The mod list is long so i wont go into it unless asked, but the error is my building on a sandbox playthrough are max level but will only let me launch vessels that satisfy the buildings level one build limits
  7. Aint nothing wrong with a big ship, I cant wait to use those side mounted tanks as well lol. 527 hours and counting, what can I say I like space things...
  8. I had noticed the light mass, but when building a craft on creative to just mess about i couldn't help but think I was doing something wrong due to the incredible size of the craft. Im running career mode and unfortunately made the choice to purchase these engines before knowing this, but the gears are already turning and I'm sure Ill have my "mothership" soon. I do have a stable mod pack and it is what has really gotten me back into the game recently; brief list of mods: (mods to improve drive plume and planetary textures as well as community tech tree, kerbal attachment systems, a mod for be
  9. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick! I probably should of mentioned I am in version 1.8.1 of the game as I am running other mods. So basically what you are saying is these engines just need massive massive fuel storage since the fuel is not very dense? Your breakdown of how KSP represents fuel numbers made a lot of sense, thank you for the clarification. So you really do just need to bring an insane amount of fuel because it is so 'light'. Do these engines work best for large scale rockets and or things launched in multiple stages?
  10. I am having problems getting the correct ISP for the engines. They say they have a high ISP of around 900, but the "Neptune" burns over 100 units of fuel a second... Can someone provide a list and or an example of what the ISP and the fuel burn rate should be for the engines that are implemented with this mod?
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