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  1. This. This so much. We all know and love the "selectable style" buttons on the context menus for parts in the VAB, right? They can just have all the different wing types be there if there need to be multiple types. Or there can be two or three wing "parts" to choose from.
  2. And it is! In fact what could be done with conductive rollers could be achieved radiatively in an "oven", and then simply opening that oven represents a far hotter and more efficient radiator. Heat output goes with the fourth power of temperature for a given emissivity, so having that "oven" be open to the stars represents a brighter, smaller, lighter, radiator with more output. But the point is not to be efficient in that drawing, the point was to explore ideas that would be technically possible yet have never been seen before. And for the record, heat pipes are insufficient to cool a beefy h
  3. You should hire Nertea. The dude's a legend. Near future, far future... waterfall??? Come on.
  4. Ha ha I don't know about my own credibility/experience but I love being an armchair part designer!
  5. Lol you'd have to be a complete maniac to like the KSP 1 wing system. That whole section of the video was a love letter to the fanbase.
  6. I just want more unique blurbs to show up when I hit the surface sample button, man.
  7. The idea should be to minimize or eliminate grinding and to increase the number of destinations the player visits. I know it's too late for the game to take this approach, but I would have greatly simplified the science collecting mechanic. Or maybe just make it so that each instrument is only really effective for a specific place. Like the magnetometer boom could get 100% science collection around Moho but take a 90% penalty elsewhere, for instance. Depending on how instrumentation is scattered through the tech tree that could serve as encouragement to go new places. Finally unlocked the seis
  8. Wow, really? They need to tighten those numbers WAY down then. Unlocking branches in parallel, you should exhaust the Kerbin-Mun-Minmus system before you even get done unlocking the fifth tier.
  9. Speaking of, why can't Squad make an update for KSP that nerfs science collection more and more the closer you get to Kerbin? It would be great for novice and intermediate players if it turned out the only way to unlock some of the final tier parts without a massive grind was by launching manned expeditions somewhere other than just the Mun, Minmus, Ike, and Duna. Or maybe instead of doing diminishing returns, there can be a finite amount of science that can be gathered from any one location in the game. That would be extra cool. Imagine KSP 1 except you need to progressively hollow out the en
  10. I'm not trying to tear anything apart, just reply to the parts I have either a good idea about what's going to be in the game or do know some solid information on. Sorry if it came across that way.
  11. I could not care any less for the procedural terrain in most places - I kind of wish there were more canonized glitches like the Mohole, but various canyons and things have been alright to land in. How about an algorithm with some muscle, you know? And not just height mapping - it would be cool to see some caves or something. That said, the one thing in KSP that has the highest entertainment to effort ratio is the EVA text blurbs. I literally have flown entire manned Tylo and back missions just to see what it said when you walked around on it. And one of the biggest disappointments I've
  12. In KSP 1 the planets were a backdrop and the star of the show was the spaceflight. Apart from easter eggs and text blurbs when taking surface samples or EVA reports there wasn't much to explore. Such a development would be a big departure from the first game, but it does align with the leftmost philosophical pillar in that one post the devs made. We can all agree on that, right? If there was a wobbly leg on the barstool below it would definitely be exploration.
  13. My my. Titling suggestion threads in the third person, are we? Fancy. No lol, but I do love these when they come along. To me the only question is not the "up and down" organization of the tree i.e. which branches relate to what, but the "left and right" parts of the tree. That is, since the KSP 2 tech tree is going to be vastly advanced in excess of what was available in KSP 1, are they still going to include all of the parts present in 1? Are they going to condense the "KSP 1" phase of the tree into fewer unlockable nodes? Are they going to truncate the beginning entirely and just st
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