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  1. You're working on a planet pack? If you don't mind a complete outsider asking, how do those EVA report and surface sample blurbs work? You can only write one of each for every biome, right? Sometimes I'll get a new planet pack and every single one of those will be just "you've recorded your observations of the situation." This may sound weird but like a solid 50% of the enjoyment I get in scootering out that far into the solar system is just to read those unique blurbs. It always disappoints me when there aren't any "You feel like you should really get back to the ship" or "you pick up a smoot
  2. In case you missed it, I came up with a version of multiplayer timeline rules that is pretty much exactly what you're describing, only without the rewind feature. Check out these two essay-length comments I made over in the multiplayer thread:
  3. I'm probably going to... play Kerbal Space Program 2.
  4. Oh, cool! Of course there's zero obligation (video game developers famously have to deal with some of the most entitled-feeling audiences in the entertainment business, coughcyberpunkcough), but I'm personally going to enjoy any new information you guys might have to share with the community. It doesn't matter to me if it's or if it's just the new look of the strut connectors and fuel lines.
  5. Please excuse that we're all gasping and begging for new information here. But to ask for a meta update, can we assume that these little un-narrated dolly shot videos showcasing different parts are going to be a really regular kind of thing? It's been a huge stretch of radio silence and now we've got two of those in as many weeks.
  6. This. Anything else like hosting, the number of players, griefing rules etc. is just the minutiae. If there's going to be a "let's both fly ships" type of KSP then it's going to be at its core like this, with the "each person has their own present" situation I've described and the use of ghosting when players encounter the pasts of other players currently in the future. But doctor, I am Pagliacci!
  7. To everybody who hasn't bothered to read my poorly-communicated chart for how I think a "separate ships" multiplayer could work, I wanted to address some potential problems Brikoleur has been bringing up about the system: Every player flying a ship is in their own "present" located somewhere in the game time. If you're tooling around in orbit on Kerbin day 2 and come upon the ghost of some player who was there at the time but is now flying around on day 3, you'll see just that - a ghost of their ship that can be seen but not interacted with like in the Forza Horizon games. If you (mali
  8. I appreciate the feedback. I can understand the diagram being confusing thoug, it was harebrained and poorly planned out (really I did it just to procrastinate something else.) That said, it gets a lot simpler to say "you can only interact with someone with whose world clock is the same as yours".
  9. This. If there was a poll option for "would you like an immediate deposit of a thousand dollars into your bank account upon purchase of the game?", yeah I'd vote yes in the poll. This thread is a thinly veiled ideas and wishes post. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  10. Yeah, that seems to be the message I'm gathering from all of this. Wait and see, wait and see.
  11. Well then that's what I maybe need to focus on. I've got an i5 3330 that I pulled from a wal-mart family all-in-one. Getting a better CPU though means moving off of that particular socket though which means a new motherboard, and at that point I might as well get newer RAM and a better GPU.
  12. I have a 970, but my CPU bottlenecks everything else. I tell you, I do NOT have a time trying to do ambitious things in KSP either in terms of building ships or running graphics mods
  13. Yeah I heard someone speculate that these dollying showcase shots could be a weekly thing now. I'd honestly be super happy about that, considering how many crazy engines and colony modules there are in the game. I'm not picky though. A dolly shot of structural panel #12, landing gear comma tiny, and monopropellant tank three would make me happy. But still we've seen some wacky stuff in the promotional materials. How about that magnetic nozzle thing with the radiators what looks like lizard gills, huh?
  14. Well I've got to admit it. From the pre-release gameplay footage we've seen so far, yonder sequel to everybody's favorite green space frog falling simulator looks good. Really good. Like, worryingly good. The first and only time I've ever built my own PC was back in 2015, and as the years crawled by it has slowly begun showing its age. When I install graphics mods and build ships approaching what looks to be the norm for the sequel in KSP 1, I'll often consider it a huge win to be getting above 15 frames at any time - even while running the game at 1080p. A lot of the time I'll point my c
  15. I'm just sayin, I'd rather those wonderful community modders take a given game from 100% to 120%, rather than from 80% to 100%. And we live in an interesting time. Used to be, you went gold, slapped that thing on a cartridge or an optical disk, bing bang boom what you shipped was what you shipped and you had to make your game pretty bulletproof out the door or else initial sales would tank. With the magic of the internet, there are now such conveniences as day one patches and, if the developers care, eventual large updates that can add huge features to the game. It's an incredibly blurry
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