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  1. I haven't been to able to reproduce this in my own testing even with a command pod that doesn't have any cargo slots defined. What other mods do you have installed?
  2. It does! By default, it will make sure the periapsis is at least 10000 m on atmosphere-less bodies. If that is still too low for some bodies, you can override that on a per body basis in the config using a module manager patch like the following: @RESCUE_CONTRACT_FIX_CONFIG { BODY { name = Mun minPeriapsis = 15000 } }
  3. Just released a new version: KSP Rescue Contract Fix 1.1.0 Fixed the Mk4 BFS-4200 Cargo Pod being whitelisted instead of the Mk4 BFS-4200 Command Pod from Tundra Exploration. Added in-game difficulty settings to allow turning on/off the following: Part restrictions for Kerbal only rescues Part restrictions for Kerbal and Pod recoveries Orbit Fix Individual parts on the allow list
  4. Description KSPRescueContractFix fixes the following issues with KSP's stock rescue contract when using mods: Kerbals spawning in crewed parts without EVA hatches Rescue Contract orbits are sometimes spawned inside the atmosphere when using a rescaled planet pack Kerbals spawning in crewed parts without EVA hatches Anytime a Kerbal rescue contract is offered, the part will be checked against an allowed parts list and replaced with a random allowed part if it's not on the list. For contracts where you have to recover both the Kerbal and the part, the mod will attempt
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