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  1. That's a good idea. If you want to change lifting ability , open KsExoSkeleton.cfg(path:KHSK/Parts/KSExoSkeleton/KSExoSkeleton.cfg) , there is a parameter called "liftMuilty". The final lift ability per kerbal is 588.399N * liftMuilty .
  2. @Angel-125is right. Using "PartLoader" to get to part's prefeb. And then use "Instantiate()" to create the prefeb as a child of Kerbal. At last using code to find the "MeshRenderer" of kerbal's backpacks and turn them off. The bad side of this method is that PartModule on KHSK's part won't work. So all of the features are controlled by a PartModule attached on the kerbal. I planed to do this at beginning. But i'm afraid changing the run/walk speed and jump strength will cause some physical problems, it needs a lot of test. So i canceled this feature at last.
  3. Introduction KHSK is used for extend kerbal's capabilities. This mod will provide some parts that kerbal can equiped with stock inventory system. Two parts are working in prograss, and almost finished. Maybe i will add more in the future, but i don't have any idea about them now. Overview Parts: 1.Exoskeleton When you put the part "Exoskeleton" in kerbal's inventory. This part will be equiped on kerbal automatically. Exoskeleton will increase kerbal's "ConstructionWeightLimit" 15 times in Construction Mode.It means kerbal engineer can lift 0.9 tons part compare to the default 0.06 tons. (15 times seems too buggy, i'm considering to decrease it) Assist Kerbal who wears exoskeleton will also influence the final results(Just like below, the maxium part weight reaches to 1.87 tons, because one assist kerbal equips exoskeleton) 2.Kerbal Inflatable backpack Just like exoskeleton. Put it in kerbal's inventory it will be equiped automatically. "Expand Inflatable Backpack" will appear in PAW when it is equiped. Press it to expand backpack. After expanding, you could put cargo in it now! Parts in Inflatable Backpack will not functionally, such as Jetpack, parachute, KHSK parts . "Pack Inflatable Backpack" will appear when backpack is expanded. It's used for packing it again( You can't pack the backpack if it's not empty) . "Drop Inflatable Backpack Item" is used for drop all cargo in Inflatable backpack, the droped cargo will be destroyed by this action. Others: 1.If you equiped exoskeleton, the original backpack and the small backpack will disappeared. Their MeshRenderer will be closed to avoid model overlapping. 2.Infatable Backpack will adjust its position according to kerbal's inventory statue. Required Mods: Module Manager: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-110x-module-manager-414-july-7th-2020-locked-inside-edition/ Know Issues: Important: cargo in inflatable backpack will be destroyed after kerbal boarded a ship. Make sure to remove them before boarding. I will try to solve this in the future. Source Code and Download : Github: https://github.com/IssacMun/KHSKProject download:https://github.com/IssacMun/KHSKProject/releases Bug report: post here or https://github.com/IssacMun/KHSKProject/issues License: All artwork assets are distributed under an All Rights Reserved License. All source code and compiled plugin binaries for this addon are distributed under the MIT License.
  4. Great udpate! I love the new fearture that kerbal can move heavier parts I'm working on an Exoskeleton mod that can make a single kerbal lift more weight. It seems i have to review my code to fit the newer version
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