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  1. I cannot get the download to work for the life of me. I've tried opening the link and manually downloading as well as using both chrome and firefox. It'll download for a while and then say network error, download failed. Does anybody what's causing this?
  2. Love it! I've been dying for a tech tree that directly supports BDB like this! Definitely looking forward to using this one.
  3. Surely such a mod exists and I'm just not searching the right way. I'm looking for parts that function like the engine plates from Making History, but look more like real upper stage mounts. I need the functionality of attaching multiple engines while having the interstage match the diameter properly. I'm aware of packs like BDB, Tantares, etc that including real upper stage mounts, but I'm saving those for a KSRSS 2.5x.
  4. @hemeacWhat do you think about including the Engine Plates from Making History in earlier nodes similar to Unkerballed Start? That is one of the features that I think is really good and worth borrowing. It doesn't really make the game easier but it does make multi-engine stages easier to build unless you use Procedural Fairings.
  5. I agree completely. I think the early game is just as fun as the rest of the game. Sounding rockets, aviation, basic comms, etc. I almost feel like the rest of the game is less fun if it's accessible too quickly.
  6. I did just add that one but didn't get too much play time with it. I'll have to give it a shot here soon with KTT. I'm gonna take a little career break to actually learn how to build a workable airplane. Thanks for the tip!
  7. It was definitely doable, I had made a Mun flyby and could have made the orbit. But I was doing a lot of launches outside of contracts and eating up my funds. I use Kerbalism, so getting the atmospheric science was really grindy until I got to parachutes to recover my sounding rockets and the science within. And even then with 60% science I was still launching a lot of rockets to gather biome specific science. Honestly, my ideal would be an RP-1 like contract pack for JNSQ along with GAP to round off aircraft stuff. Then maybe later in the game stations and tourism can start up.
  8. I love your tech tree. I played with it in the past before eventually abandoning the game for a few months. Recently I started playing again, this time with Unkerballed Start on JNSQ since it directly supports KW. But it doesn't compare to the progression from your mod imo. That being said, I'm gonna have to abandon the JNSQ career because the lack of early contracts make it nearly impossible to upgrade the buildings and progress with part purchases. I noticed a JNSQ contract pack was on your list of ideas to play around with. I would love to work with you on developing that. I don't really use the forums much outside of reading mod threads so I don't know if I should PM you about this or not. Sorry if this is derailing to the thread. Also, I'm excited to hear about continued development on this mod. I'm very willing to help with testing when you get to that stage. Thanks for your work!
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