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  1. Can we have these sphere stack back? It think this just can't be a better definition for Soviet/Russian style engineering. Multiple spheres stack in absurd geometric position. We can just restore the old vega space station fuel sphere or make this looking a B9 part switch variant.
  2. I think this is what you looking for @Reimu Hakurei there're bunch of useful decorations that adapts Tantares soyuz from Contares RUS [1.10.x] CSA Contares 'RUS' 2.0.15 - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums (Maybe we can adopt these?)
  3. Can we have optional side hatch or mounting points for soyuz? That will definitely make it more complex but mean while allow so many further possibilities to exist. Like L3 1963 the soyuz lander Or L1 Podsadka: early L1 with a inflatable hatch on the side Or regular soyuz with extra backup rescue hatch\ parachutes
  4. Problem solved! Reentry is really something that you can dig into! And sadly 1000h of stock experience didn't taught me that lesson.
  5. Seems that many stock standard parts cannot withstand the JNSQ reentry so how should I set the lower heat endurance from 2000k to? 2400k? 3400k?
  6. Hope for some improvement for TKS current TKS just borrow RCS thrusters and Docking radars from soyuz while in reality, the Chelomei solutions are so different Not just because want to be more accurate But don't you think these little multi-thruster monsters are COOL and want the iconic little dish antennas back https://imgur.com/RI9DK51
  7. It's KV-1 Rescaled down to 1.1m and all Tantares parts are rescaled up to 1.5m so that the whole upper stage can fit the recently restored 1.5m R7 launch vehicle. And I find that 1.5m rescale for tantares soyuz spacecraft is also the way that you can get it closest to real life scale. https://imgur.com/UgKkQS9
  8. Orbital construction... wait a minute There're some early stage programs on manned planet orbiting. L1 (not LK-1) Early Soyuz as lunar circular complex TMK Mars manned circular station Mir 2
  9. Ejection seat on Vostok I think it would be marvelous to reappear this part of soviet style reentry separate landing for kosmonaut and capsule. Some Vostok/Soyuz derivants: Zenit and Yantar spy satellite series http://www.astronautix.com/graphics/w/wyantar1.jpg http://www.astronautix.com/graphics/r/resexpvw.jpg
  10. I heard that there used to be a 1.5m diameter B9 part switch setting for R7 upper stages, but I just never activated it successfully. After all, current scale for Vostok and Voskhod is a little bit off in Tantares. Could anyone tell me that if there is any way to restore that setting? or has been planed in future Tantares LV?
  11. @Beale Ever considered make UR500 really Universal? make separate core tank, side tanks, and engines. Not because build a more complicate UR500 is fun but for the first stage of UR500 is modified as third stage of UR700. Then with RD-270, we can build UR700 use tantaras only!
  12. ( Just my personal insist) I think there supposed to be a transitional existence between KR Engine Mount 1 and KR Engine Mount 3 ( After all, there is a number missing isn't it?) Which is a Single Engine mount point plus adaption with KR jets and KR orbital maneuver system which is a half disposal propulsion system ( just like OK-92) It's a loss that there is just no such mod in KSP Perhaps Kerbolrise could be the one?
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