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  1. Maybe it's just Archangel being Archangel.
  2. Yep! I also ecomend extrasolar, has some extra easter eggs
  3. Breaking mods: confirmed. Kopernicus throws a fit, and my game now doesn't boot
  4. Rules: Cheats are allowed, but only to a certain point(for example, no just cheating it to the surface) All crafts must have both Kerbals, no more, no less Planets/moons Kerbin: EASY Mun/Minmus: Easier medium Duna: Medium Eve:Hard Extra points if you land on Vall
  5. help. when i boot up ksp i either get corrupted planets message or it not booting up. i see no rhode and I've done everything, even changing versions
  6. Can i modify this mod? I only need to se it for testing purposes and how to make stars
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