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  1. The built-in rescale config fits better for this mod, and is better polished. Other rescale mods MIGHT work, but it's not recommended. Also many rescale mods have been outdated for a while.
  2. The easiest way is going to my discord server if you are a discord user. You can also share it with google drive, dropbox, etc.
  3. Can you upload your logs? I usually send a manned remote control station to control unmanned vessels. If you want to transfer experiment data, you can have a craft orbiting the wormhole and jump frequently between the two systems. Personally I don't like the idea of the interstellar antenna because interstellar real-time communication is impossible considering the speed of light.
  4. Yes, I have also received similar reports before. Maybe you can also report to Singularity's dev.
  5. I haven't tested it on Mac/Linux before. But at least I know Singularity doesn't work well on Mac or Linux.
  6. Is anyone interested in writing some part of science definitions? It doesn't require any modding skills but will take me a LOT of time to write all of them myself. If some people can help, it will be much faster and I can put more time on other features such as parallax scatters or new volumetric clouds. Feel free to DM me if you are interested. Your help will be sincerely appreciated!
  7. I have already replied your previous post. Is there any new issue? Can you put some screenshots and/or detailed descriptions?
  8. check whether you have disabled wormholes in the setting config and whether you have KopernicusExpansions folder in your gamedata. Wormholes will be automatically disabled if KopernicusExpansions are missing. Also, if your are using a black skybox, the wormholes will be invisiable, but the orbit lines will still be visiable. If you still cannot find the issue, you can send your log so that I can have a look. Can you send your logs?
  9. Hey guys! I'm making an simplified patch for MKS. It uses a simplified production chain and have a simplified part list. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or if you are interested in working together on this small project.
  10. The main idea of this patch is to reduce the complexity of MKS while still keeping its main features. It makes MKS less difficult to use and more suitable for interstellar bases. Please notice, this is on very early development. The new production chain: Download GitHub (alpha, use at your own risk) Dependency Modular Kolonization System Support USI Life Support (Strongly Recommended) Extraplanetary Launchpads (Strongly Recommended) Stock-alike Station Parts Expansions Sandcastle Kerbal Planetary Base System Planetside License: MIT If anyone want to participate in the development, feel free to let me know!
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