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  1. Thank you for this amazing mod! I have an issue of worm hole. When I use the sample config to turn a planet to a worm hole, in map view it looks perfect, but in flight view the texture of the planet is still loaded. I removed all the other mods but it makes no change. Could you help me figure out where the problem is? Thank you! - Edit: I found that the texture of the planet was loaded when the height of spacecraft is under a certain value. KSP version: 1.11.1 config: Singularity { Singularity_config { galaxyCubemapResolution =
  2. Hello! I love this mod so much but I think there are two issues that could be improved. In Kerbin's low orbit, we can usually see a clear boundary of the cloud layer. It looks like a spherical shell abouve the ground. Is there any way to make this boundary look more natually? Also, the land of Kerbin is not very clear when looking from space compared with SVE. I already have TUFX but I think it is not enough. How can I make the land easier to recognize in space? Thank you!
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