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  1. Thanks! It's a known type of bug, maybe caused by KSP/Kopernicus. As far as I know it is due to the home planet is too far away from the center of the universe (the Sun in KSP). Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. But the good part is it's mostly a visual bug so it doesn't affect the gameplay much.
  2. September 11, 2022: Beta 1.4 Update for compatibility with Parallax 2.0. Please notice that surface objects/scatters for Parallax 2.0 have NOT been added. This is only an update to fix the loading error. I will add surface objects in the future but it needs a lot of work and takes time. Add KSPCommunityFixes as a new dependency It can fix a bug that severely impacts the gameplay experience. You can find more information at this section. Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.
  3. It's caused by compatibility with parallax 2.0. A hotfix has been posted on my discord server for testing. You can try it if you need it urgently. If there is no issue, it will be published by the end of this week.
  4. Hi! Is there a way to force disabling the maneuver tool using MM patch?
  5. Usually this issue occurs when an older version of Singularity is installed. You can reinstall the newest Singularity (0.991) and see if it works.
  6. Usually a dv map is made for a home-replacement planet pack, not for interstellar planet packs, because the dv map depends on where you start.
  7. Hi! Is there an archived version of MKS-Lite? I'd like to have a try to make it up-to-date if you don't mind.
  8. Looks very cool! Will there be any documentations for the mod?
  9. Currently not. It will support CKAN in the future when the mod is officially released.
  10. Is it possible to make it compatible with Community Resource Pack?
  11. It's working fine from my side. Could you upload your log so I can try to locate your problem?
  12. Thank you! It can be helpful if I decide to add new planets in the future. Good to hear you have located the issue! Maybe you can ask the creater of GU since there isn't any EVE config related to stock system in my mod. It shouldn't. From my testing the ram usage is slightly lower than Beyond Home. ( I don't mean to compare, just for a reference.) If you can run Beyond Home it should be fine. If not, I can have a look if you can post your logs. I can try to help if you can describe the bugs and post your logs.
  13. Currently mainly bugfixing. I'm not going to add more planets, unless I have a super cool idea in the future. But revamping some planets is possible, depends on my inspiration and motivation. My recent plan is adding some terrain scatters (rocks, trees, etc).
  14. I'm not very familiar with GU, but as far as I know AVP already has cloud settings for stock system and OPM, so there is no need to install all of them. My suggestion is either keep AVP or keep GU stock clouds and OPMVO. From my testing AVP works fine with Kcalbeloh. I haven't test the other two but you can try if you want.
  15. Could you try only with Kcalbeloh and its dependencies installed and see whether the issue is still there? Sometimes it could be very difficult to locate bugs from a heavily modded game.
  16. Beta 1.3 has be released: Update for compatibility with the latest Kopernicus release. Remove DistantObjectEnhancement config and replace them with scatterer flare, which can have similar visual effects on distant planets. This change is made since it is known that DOE doesn't work for interstellar planets. Other minor changes and bug fixes. Also, since my spacedock uploading is not stable all the time, I will not post update on spacedock anymore. The updates will be on GitHub only in the future. Here is the new download link: https://github.com/jcyuan06/Kcalbeloh-System/releases Thank you for your understanding!
  17. I think this is not relavent to your issue. Have you tried to remove other mods and keep Kcalbeloh and its dependences only to see whether it's due to some other mod breaking it?
  18. I didn't see any error from the log. Maybe you can try to remove the mod completely and reinstall. If you only overwrote the old version when updating the mod, some issues may occur. Also, since your game are heavily modded, you can try a clean installation and see if the issue is still there.
  19. there is a kopernicus setting button on the toolbar in ksc scene.
  20. you can try to enable the Kopernicus collider fix. See below: Also, always make sure you have updated Kopernicus and my mod to the newest version.
  21. Added a system map. Some data might be different from the current release, which will be corrected in the next update. Hopefully the next update will be the official release.
  22. Can you provide more detail information? Does it happen only to this planet pack or every planet packs?
  23. Thank you for reporting them! Did you mean the color variation of biome map is hard to distinguish? I will look at the wrong biome. Are you using homeswitch mode? Yes, you can show me the video if you want. We can chat more in the mod's discord server if you wish to join. Any proper bug reports and feedback will definitely make this mod better.
  24. Glad you like it. I haven't write science definitions yet. Since it would take a lot of time to write and it's not the major work, the priority of it is relatively low. It seems I need to adjust my light curve for RSS sun. I made a quick adjustment here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13alakhrP8W79yr9K9fpJddxIUz8ruakS/view?usp=sharing Put it to /GameData/KcalbelohSystem/OtherFeatures/ and replace the origional file. Let me know if you think it is still too dark.
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