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  1. Recently we are looking for some testers. The testing is mainly on game-play experience (difficulty, balance, mods to play with, etc). If you are going to play with Kcalbeloh recently (without cheating) and would like to share your game-play experience, feel free to let me know. I would really appreciate it!
  2. Nice! I like them. I cannot garantee the stability for the changes you made yourself except from Kcalbeloh System Settings.cfg
  3. Could you provide your logs? It's in KSP folder/Logs/Logs-Kopernicus.zip. Also could you tell me which version of Kcalbeloh System you are using? BTW, when you update this mod, you need to delete the previous version completely and then install the new one.
  4. It only works with scatterer 0.08+. If you still have issues on the right version, let me know more information (screenshots, logs, etc)
  5. Beta 1.2 has been out! I'm glad to announce we are very close to official release. Since I failed to upload the new update on SpaceDock, the newest version is on GitHub instead. I will try to upload on SpaceDock later and then decide whether to use SpaceDock in the future. Also, I changed the restriction to post this mod on other medias. Below is the new rule: Again, this mod is still NOT ready for review. There won't be major changes such as new planets in future updates. I will focus mainly on bug fixes and improvements of the current system.
  6. Thank you but I don't think it's a good solution. Because if I use :AFTER[RealSolarSystem], MM will remove my mod config when RSS is not installed, which is not what I want because my planet mod is not made with RSS only.
  7. Hi! I found RSS used !Body,* {} in RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg to remove stock system. However, it will remove all the celestial bodies loaded before RSS including celestial bodies in other planet mod, making it incompatible with many other planet mods. Removing stock bodies one by one could fix this issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1adrxzfoEp80BNjBmEuUTGW3Pido9-hIK/view?usp=sharing. Could you update the config in the next release? As a planet modder, I would really appreciate it!
  8. Temporarily you can solve this problem by putting this config in RSS folder and replace the original one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1adrxzfoEp80BNjBmEuUTGW3Pido9-hIK/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi Vabien! Thank you so much for maintaining it! It's very helpful to my planet mod. If you need any testing, feel free to let me know. BTW, is it possible to make wormholes transferring communication signals? Thanks!
  10. Yes. You can turn on 10x rescale in the setting config. It's in /GameData/KcalbelohSystem/Kcalbeloh System Settings.cfg. Then the planets will be the same scale as RSS. The rescale setting requires Sigma Dimensions to work. It's working fine so far but it still needs further testing. If you have any issues, feel free to let me know.
  11. Beta 1.1 has been out! If you have any questions, or suggestions, want to report bugs, or want to share your screenshots, don't be hesitate to join my discord server!
  12. I'm glad you like it. I am happy that you want to share the mod with others. I would say it is not a good time for 'promotional film' at present, but yes, you can make videos if you want, just need to mention in your video that it is still under development and is not representative of the final product. (my english is not very good either )
  13. Beta 1.0 has been out. Also, don't forget to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/Crmy8KgqK2
  14. Sorry for being inactive for a while. If anyone wants to follow the progress of the development, report bugs or offer suggestions, feel free to join my discord server. I'm always active there. Currently I'm working on improvement of Dipuc:
  15. Hi R-T-B! Just let you know I tried to use Making Less History with my planet mod, but I also still have this issue. The issue is still there even if I don't install making history dlc.
  16. Alpha 1.05 Update: Download from SpaceDock. Noyreg planet texture revamp. All biome maps finished except Rouqea. Icons for every celestial body. Some bug fixed.
  17. Alpha 1.04 Update: Add a planet: Iomena, a rocky planet with oceans and large craters. Add a star: Maelg, an L-type brown dwarf star orbiting lonely around the blackhole. New star textures. New sunflares. Add sunflares for players without scatterer. Some biome maps. Arorua planet texture revamp. Wormholes can be disabled in settings. Reduced the mass of Kcalbeloh. Some adjustments on orbits. Other minor adjustments or fixes.
  18. December 10, 2021: Alpha 1.02 Some changes of orbits considering orbit stability. [WIP] Aurora for most planets. Add a pair of wormholes connecting stock system and Sunorc system.
  19. Can you generally describe what is happening and send me your KSP.log and the files in "Logs" folder and share it with me? You can find them folder in your ksp root folder.
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