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  1. Hi there, Great mod! I was wondering if there is a patch in this mod that allows convert-O-Trons to make the fuel types required for the cryogenic tanks or should I write my own? If there isn’t, should I try to make one, or Perhaps a mod called “Rational Resources” can help by adding production chain is for things like LH2
  2. Hi there I’m pretty new at this so sorry if it’s a daft question i am using a mod called cryogenic engines and I want to edit the cfgs of the fuel tanks so they can contain LFO instead of the resources that they hold (LqdHydrogen) I have read the tutorial on how to edit the cfgs but since this is my first try doing this I don’t really understand how to do it still.. is there a tutorial with pictures or something to make it easier for a noob like me? thanks
  3. Ah ok that’s fine. I’ll just have to buy the Graviolium for now....might need to do a few extra contracts first
  4. I love the effort you are putting into this mod! with regard to my troubles about finding Graviolium, I started a new save and now the anomalies spawn and there is some Graviolium in some asteroids. do I need to start a new career save to find these or is it to do with the fact that I have not yet unlocked the science node that contains the blueshift parts?
  5. Ah, just updated and problem solved thx Also, do I just have to get Lucky or should all asteroids contain Graviollum? I have captured three so far but no luck finding Graviollum.
  6. May I ask how to do this myself? Having the same issue lol
  7. ok, so,, not sure what I did but it works now after I installed extraplanetary launch pads I think that I’d added a toolbar configuring thing that I missed when initially trying this mod.... all I can say now is that it works fine! Awesome mod! (KSP 1.11)
  8. hi there, I am currently using linx's beta of this mod as I cant seem to find a more up to date version...not sure if you have got around to it yet. it is the version btw and everything seems to work fine in terms of parts and resources and things but the little button does not show in the UI. I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction towards fixing this as if there is no UI button then I cannot use the jump beacons. Thanks.
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