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  1. age of empire IV vibe! I am playing AOE IV but also ksp too at the same time! i want just more AOE IV siege weapons to be built in KSP...bring back the mighty imperial age from space age!
  2. Age of Empire IV Vibe! I want to make my own trebuchet in ksp style with AOE IV spirit
  3. It works for me ...still working as normal in 1.12.3
  4. can't wait to test it out! Hopefully not so many bugs (that may crash my game!)
  5. tha'ts fine..it will be fun when it also add FTL and life support function too..lots of potentials of this mod Update: Actually, I simply use the warp drives with reactors/cooler Intersteller extended by FreeThinker to your ships...it still works...now you may need to sort out the life suypport and (TAC, snack and USI) and integrate them too !
  6. Nice ships and nice mod! Can it do FTL or warp space?
  7. very useful for building base! save my CPU and RAM!
  8. Hey Doesn't it support snack? as I'm using Snack! as my life support....it seems planetside doesn't support Snack! at all..only TAC
  9. It will be handy for easy colonization in case of i realize i forget an antenna/solar panels while on other moons or planets lol
  10. This mod looks so good! Sadly no ckan download and it may crash my save and game as it only supports up to KSP 1.3 ....will update be availbale for 1.12.x?
  11. Basiclaly, Minus is a giant Ice Cream! a Huge ice cream ball!
  12. Soundlike Age of Empire IV for me.....Gold please??? maybe you should expand to mining Wood, Food, Stone and gold itself xD! Great mod! I will try it out!
  13. I also have a problem too..When I am not focus on the vessels and bases, The snack amount didn't increase at all! It keeps decreasing when kerbals are present...... even if I turned on Snack processor on the Mobile Lab. Is it a bug?
  14. You don't even??? that texture is compulsary too to download if i use outer plaent mod... Yeah I suppose it is the texture of that folder
  15. I Found a major problem for outer planet mod installed..when i go EVA on Duna, the entire game crashed...when I removed the outer planet pack alongside the community texture. It works fine again...I suspect Community Texture doesn't work for 1.12.3 anymore...I ahev scatter and Environmental Visual Enhancement mod installed!
  16. Duna Direct still works well on 1.12.3 as i just tested it ...best mod for habitat...simple (save my CPU and RAM) and quick!
  17. nice! so no crash at all for 1.12.3??I use intersteller extended and trekdrive too!
  18. I hope it still work for 1.12.x good...for stock version one...... It looks nice! After conquering all planets and moons in the own kerbol system....i will download it but i will backup a save or 2 in case of crashing the game
  19. I may try it out as well..i will download it via ckan and my KSP version is 1.12.3 Hopefully it will not crash my game! and my save!
  20. well, if I intended to download NotsoSimpleConstruction via ckan, I will be forced to download older version of SimpleConstruction too ... i have the newer version of SimpleConstruction specifically for 1.12.x
  21. What a nice mod! But will you update and upload it via ckan? The Ckan one is very outdated...Thanks...I will try it out! This feature should become a stock in KSP 2 ..and supposed to be in KSP 1 !
  22. I definite will try this out! As This mod should become a stock feature in KSP 2 .....Simple but more fun of the gameplay...so we are provided Two arcologies, one taxi (how is powerful of that taxi?), one Nursery for supplies/resouces for the colonist and finally a lab...... May you provide some preview screenshots? I want to see them now Yeah... can'twait for ckan release so i can try it out ASAP!
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