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  1. Nice patch! I'm looking forward to another one in few weeks time...Yes sir! Now I have much better confidence to play it! Good work!
  2. So cute! You should make a PIkachu too!
  3. Something wrong about the game. When I tried to maneuver the orbit to Duna, the orbit doesn't move at all! I use Pubble engine (orbit)...Looks like it is a bug. Both PE and AP are both zero..here is the screenshot! here is the screenshot
  4. Nice Probe! Good work! I finally realized that enough xenon gas with time wrap and literally takes me anywhere across kerbol system!
  5. it may not have to be haha..as My SSTO still doesn't have enough fuel or it just keeps wobbling left or right while take off!
  6. I'm still struggling to achieve this weekly challenge as I'm still struggling to build a perfect SSTO for ALO! You are my lifesaver! I will credit you for your works!
  7. THanks...as KSP2 craft file is very different from KSP1
  8. Nice but where should I put the craft file???
  9. That's why this game's graphic is so demanding, when I play Red dead 2 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla using the same spec (I have RTX 3060 12 GB and i7 10700 CPU 2.5 GHz and 32 GB of RAM), they both run well and never crashed up to 80 - 100 FPS..but KSP2 is another story!
  10. It will be fun! but I have to wait when some critical bugs are fixed!
  11. CPU i7 10700 2.5 GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 Graphic Card: Nvidia 3060 Using 512GB SSD It works well for Red dead 2, Doom Eternal, Mass Effect legendary, CoD Vanguard, AC Valhalla/Odyssey in ultra-high Graphic up to at least 80 - 100 fps
  12. Me! I want it! more rockets and more Boosters!!! and more Engine noise!
  13. age of empire IV vibe! I am playing AOE IV but also ksp too at the same time! i want just more AOE IV siege weapons to be built in KSP...bring back the mighty imperial age from space age!
  14. Age of Empire IV Vibe! I want to make my own trebuchet in ksp style with AOE IV spirit
  15. It works for me ...still working as normal in 1.12.3
  16. can't wait to test it out! Hopefully not so many bugs (that may crash my game!)
  17. tha'ts fine..it will be fun when it also add FTL and life support function too..lots of potentials of this mod Update: Actually, I simply use the warp drives with reactors/cooler Intersteller extended by FreeThinker to your ships...it still works...now you may need to sort out the life suypport and (TAC, snack and USI) and integrate them too !
  18. Nice ships and nice mod! Can it do FTL or warp space?
  19. very useful for building base! save my CPU and RAM!
  20. Hey Doesn't it support snack? as I'm using Snack! as my life support....it seems planetside doesn't support Snack! at all..only TAC
  21. It will be handy for easy colonization in case of i realize i forget an antenna/solar panels while on other moons or planets lol
  22. This mod looks so good! Sadly no ckan download and it may crash my save and game as it only supports up to KSP 1.3 ....will update be availbale for 1.12.x?
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