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  1. After my own kOS scripts and even MechJeb failed to get me into the exact target inclination, I did some searching and math and came up with the following formalism that gets me right on target. This is mostly based on this website, but adds some derivations and corrects the part that takes the rotating body into consideration. The azimuth, or degrees from north dynamically changes during the course of an orbit around a body and depends on the latitude of the object at that time. With some spherical geometry, and especially Napier's rules for right spherical triangles (R8) one finds that
  2. After seeing this question asked before and not seeing a satisfactory answer I tried to come up with my own answer. First, we need to establish the reference direction that the longitude of ascending node (LAN) is measured against. See for example this post for a definition, the reference direction points from Kerbin to Kerbol on day 1 (lets ignore the tiny difference of 0.00159rad because the mean anomaly of Kerbin is 3.14 and not Pi in this assumption.). The next needed part is that a solar (Kerbol) day is a little longer than the sidereal rotation of Kerbin. Looking at the picture below one
  3. Missing contract details? Please compare the details provided for the "Explore Minmus" contract in the pictures below. The part of the contract that says: "At least one scientist assures us that we won't bring back any harmful contaminants" is missing in the VAB or on the launchpad but is shown in the Space Center window. Am I missing a setting or option somewhere?
  4. Indeed, I didn't notice that, but on Kerbin the sliders have an effect, as expected they change the values in the sentence: "Turn start when Altitude is x.x km or Velocity reach y m/s" But on Minmus there is no efect: Note the sliders and the values. It works on Kerbin:
  5. Can someone point me to an explanation what the Altitude and Velocity sliders exactly do in the Ascent Path Editor? See picture below, I have a the "Automatic Altitude Turn" setting on.
  6. You would have a point if the numbers would change. But they don't. They are the same numbers for the average as reported by the M700 and in map view as in my pictures above.
  7. I just got a scan from Minmus with a M700 survey scanner. Can someone explain why the percentage is different? 5.74% is shown by the scanner and map view shows 5.1%. That's not even close to a rounding error.
  8. I thought I'm trying something simple, I tried to change an alarm time/day and make also it repeatable. I cannot find an option for that. Am I missing something? See picture below:
  9. I was reading the wiki pages about CommNet https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CommNet to figure out what science transmission to expect for various signal strengths, but it only give a nebulous answer: "This bonus decreases non-linearly with signal strength." Googling this also didn't turn out anything, so I thought it is probably straight forward to "beam" a vessel to various distances to Kerbin and take some data about this relationship. The CommNet page describes the signal strength vs distance, so I started sending a vessel with a Communotron 16 out into space. With a Tracking Statio
  10. Hi, this seems to be a display bug for the OX-Stat-PD and not an actual power production bug. Below you see the setup with Control Station, OX-Stat-PD and Go-ob ED, with the OX-Stat-PD placed from the engineer (out of his personal inventory). The control station shows "Total Power Available: 2" and the Go-ob ED shows that science is produced (see below) If I have the scientist pick up the OX-Stat-PD and then place it again, the "Total Power Available" in the control station changes to 1 and the Go-ob ED stops producing science. Still a bug, but at least it works.
  11. Ascent Guidance - Time to Orbit Being Long I was just looking at this entry in the manual https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/wiki/Ascent-Guidance#time-to-orbit-being-long and wondered where I actually set the "intermediate altitude" as recommended. I don't see that option in the ascent guidance module.
  12. Hi, I just installed AFBW with CKAN and I was wondering if it is expected to not have a minimum default preset configuration for the connected controller available? If so, that's fine. I was able to create a preset configuration for the PS4 dualshock 4 controller connected with USB cable and could teach AFBW the controller inputs with the preset editor.
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