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  1. The RCSFX bug was a bad one - reproducible in the docking training scenario, with the circumstances more likely the worse you are at rendezvous. I have tried to reproduce the problem in 1.11.2 and happy to say I can't do (I only tried as hard as it took to reproduce it in 1.11).
  2. I have now tested 1.11.2 and this bug seems to be fixed.
  3. Other threads I have found (older/newer duplicates) Other posts on the internet I have found with the issue:
  4. This seems to be the same issue as While this post is older. The post linked above contains more info and links to the bug in the bug tracker.
  5. I can reproduce this in a tutorial. The main bug (unable to save) requires the DLC, but without the DLC it just results in a visual glitch.
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