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  1. Like a lot of recent games and upgrade/updated games, i bet they're gonna add in a photo mode! Like a legit one, where you can change filter settings, contrast and brightness and even maybe poses for kerbals! Maybe this should be in the "i wish they'd add" section.. lol
  2. In career mode do you need to upgrade a building or something to get the maneuver tool app? i have the alarm clock so i know my game updated but i don't have the little asterisk looking app to make maneuver nodes? Thanks.
  3. For Mods like MKS/USI that used the attachment system, is it possible to just use the updated kerbal attributes, or is it still a must to download attachment system? Sorry for making a thread just for this i couldn't find an answer on good ol' googles.
  4. Why would they go outta their way to put it on the wii u when it was a failure, and not put it on the switch when its such a raging success??? I think it'd be awesome if it found its way on switch. Do ya'll agree or disagree? lemme know!!!
  5. I guess i just misunderstood what BDB was, i thought it changed stock elements as well as add some, my bad! Thanks for clearing it up for me tho guys! Sorry i's newb. lol
  6. I know this has been asked before but i can't seem to find it looking at the older messages, but i have restock+ and i want to check out BDB's engines but have gotten really used to and like the restock textures so i was just wondering if i can use BDB while still using restock? Thanks for your time.
  7. I'm sorry i'm such a fool.. X'(, i just realized one of the mods came with community tech tree, and it placed most of the command pods that i had previously already unlocked in new nodes that i don't have unlocked so i couldn't see them. They're still there just now relocked in a farther out R&D Node. Lol, what a foolish mistake. Sorry to trouble ya.
  8. Not saying you should work on it or anything, just that your mods are so good i'm surprised you're not one of the devs XD do what makes ya happy! Still tho, Can't express how much i love the models in your mods pahah. Either way KSP 2! Gonna be great!
  9. As a relatively new KSP'er in respect to the veterans ( only about 2k hours played ) I was amazed to find out that one of the best and well known modders rover dude is an actual person who works in the KSP team and is now in some way part of the KSP 2 team. So i figured with how well known and amazing Nertea is that he'd probably be involved in KSP 2 in some way also, i'm surprised he's not! But gee wiz is this game going to be downright amazing! release date set for tomorrow? i think soooooooo lolol jk Can't wait for this bad boy. But i appreciate the need to take your time on it!
  10. Lets just get the guys from Space Engineers and KSP 2 devs together and make MAGIC. lololol
  11. Sorry i've never actually done that before, what exactly do you need? Do i just drag and drop the actual "logs" folder in my KSP folder?
  12. Don't worry about the people constantly wanting more and more Damon! Just know that we appreciate everything done on this mod so far and take all the time you need because you've already made and have done so much for us! Thanks-a so much-aaaa!!! :3
  13. Hello Nertea, Gotta say huge fan! Love the detail you always put into your mods! Huge fan of small details and you always knock it outta the park! Anyway, i use a bunch of the near future tech like the spacecraft one, and i recently downloaded the lauch vehicles and the MK IV mod. but when i loaded KSP only narwald and proteus from space crafts remained. all the others like phoebe and the rest were missing? i'm not sure what else from the mod is gone but i noticed the landing legs are still there. But I just thought i'd ask if you'd ever heard of this issue before. I removed the launch vehicles mod but kepts the MK 4. and they are still gone. Also i can't seem to get rastorprop to work in the mk 4? Im using CKAN for all this, if that helps btw. Thanks for you time!
  14. I know its probably not going to be something that happens in game, but who knows! Remember that mod that let you pop out of your seat and actually move around your ship? I would really love if something like that was a thing in KSP 2. Mainly because while walking around in your ship would be awesome! I'm hoping we'll get to walk around and look at the insides of these HUGE facilities they are building for planet colonies. Maybe they'll just focus on the space stuff, and the colonies will just be there to make fuel and not to be looked at too closely. I hope that's not the case but it could be. Maybe if you ask a dev about it maybe they'll say eh, i'm sure someone will mod it in, but it'd be so awesome for something like that to be in the stock game... but just a wish is all. Either way this game is gonna be AMAZING! please release tomorrow.... lol jk.
  15. What if some unknown dark corner of this galaxy with many solar systems in it that they're building, you find a solar system with a harmless class B star with a rocky world nearest it, a high pressure yellow greenhouse gas crazy planet not unlike eve just yellow next, then a super habitable blue marble planet not unlike Kerbin itself with only 1 moon not unlike the mun, then a red dusty dune planet not unlike duna, and a big asteroid belt that looks like someone blew up dres! Then a yellow ringed and big brown redish and white gas giants really huge in its system not unlike Jool just one is bigger and the other has rings, and not green. Then theres these 2 smaller icy gas like planets that glow a beautiful blue with very small ring systems of their own, even one with a polar orbit ring system. Then a small planet, (or is it a dwarf planet?) that orbits on the outskirts but intersecpts another bodies orbital path, not unlike eeloo! TL;DR put our Sol system somewhere in the kerbal galaxy. i think that'd be a cool thing to find.
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