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  1. Even if it isn't cutscenes, im just saying i'd personally like to see them further the career side of things, they way ksp 1 was built career mode was kind of tact on to the established physics game, i'm not saying career mode or a single player mode should be the focus of the game but it just being a little more fleshed out with it in mind, and has anyone here played the master chief anniversary? where they made those stupidly amazing cutscenes for halo 2? and then you play the gameplay with your crappy old gen graphics again? super awesome stuff. lol
  2. RIght right, Yeah, i definitely don't want the game to change at all from KSP 1, I just meant an "inclusion" of a more put together career mode, i'm not saying campaign in leu of sandbox/multiplayer, i just meant see where they could take the career mode. I just think it'd be cool to have the option. Have some canonical lore implemented into the world of kerbalization. :3
  3. I'm hoping breath of the wild 2 gets a 2022 release date but im not sure if it will. Either way KSP 2 is the only thing i can't wait to play it hurts! lol
  4. What if they went full bore into the career mode, and made it like a "single player campaign" type mode, and there were cutscene with the fidelity of the 2019 trailer. Imagine if all our wildest dreams came true? Also, while rewatching the colony generator parts, they had kerbals meandering around. Now that may have been just added for scale or what not, but i wonder if when you set up colonies there will be A.I. Kerbals that have like preprogrammed tasks that are just kind around. Like random ones welding big generators or just, well, walking around. Like when they said that when you do a supply run for fuel or ore or what have you, you only need to do it once, then its automatic afterwards. What if you choose some colonists to take control of the process after setting things up and you can actually see them doing their routine anytime you visit. I wonder how that will work. So much unknown about the game still, i'm seriously can't wait to see what they do, i really hope they go all out and just throw every cool idea at this. :3 what do you all think?
  5. Like a lot of recent games and upgrade/updated games, i bet they're gonna add in a photo mode! Like a legit one, where you can change filter settings, contrast and brightness and even maybe poses for kerbals! Maybe this should be in the "i wish they'd add" section.. lol
  6. In career mode do you need to upgrade a building or something to get the maneuver tool app? i have the alarm clock so i know my game updated but i don't have the little asterisk looking app to make maneuver nodes? Thanks.
  7. For Mods like MKS/USI that used the attachment system, is it possible to just use the updated kerbal attributes, or is it still a must to download attachment system? Sorry for making a thread just for this i couldn't find an answer on good ol' googles.
  8. Why would they go outta their way to put it on the wii u when it was a failure, and not put it on the switch when its such a raging success??? I think it'd be awesome if it found its way on switch. Do ya'll agree or disagree? lemme know!!!
  9. I guess i just misunderstood what BDB was, i thought it changed stock elements as well as add some, my bad! Thanks for clearing it up for me tho guys! Sorry i's newb. lol
  10. I know this has been asked before but i can't seem to find it looking at the older messages, but i have restock+ and i want to check out BDB's engines but have gotten really used to and like the restock textures so i was just wondering if i can use BDB while still using restock? Thanks for your time.
  11. I'm sorry i'm such a fool.. X'(, i just realized one of the mods came with community tech tree, and it placed most of the command pods that i had previously already unlocked in new nodes that i don't have unlocked so i couldn't see them. They're still there just now relocked in a farther out R&D Node. Lol, what a foolish mistake. Sorry to trouble ya.
  12. Not saying you should work on it or anything, just that your mods are so good i'm surprised you're not one of the devs XD do what makes ya happy! Still tho, Can't express how much i love the models in your mods pahah. Either way KSP 2! Gonna be great!
  13. As a relatively new KSP'er in respect to the veterans ( only about 2k hours played ) I was amazed to find out that one of the best and well known modders rover dude is an actual person who works in the KSP team and is now in some way part of the KSP 2 team. So i figured with how well known and amazing Nertea is that he'd probably be involved in KSP 2 in some way also, i'm surprised he's not! But gee wiz is this game going to be downright amazing! release date set for tomorrow? i think soooooooo lolol jk Can't wait for this bad boy. But i appreciate the need to take your time on it!
  14. Lets just get the guys from Space Engineers and KSP 2 devs together and make MAGIC. lololol
  15. Sorry i've never actually done that before, what exactly do you need? Do i just drag and drop the actual "logs" folder in my KSP folder?
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