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  1. When coupled with .jbeam exporter for BeamNG.drive, this means I can import car models into KSP. My intentions are clear.
  2. Personally, I would love to see the ability for the game to read .dae/.obj models. Although only using .mu files simplifies it, the fact you need Unity just to make a model bugs me.
  3. "That's what we call ROOKIE NUMBERS."- Graystillplays
  4. This is the best. This mod adds so many useful parts (my favorite being the HX parts). This, along with OPT, allow for some huge spacecraft.
  5. Woah. I downloaded this when it was in 0.4 and it is crazy how much has changed since.
  6. Nice! With some "minor" modifications I was able to land it on Arval, a modded planet in the Kopernicus addon UranianBlue.
  7. Learned this from messing with the B9 Aerospace from 2014: UPDATE!! Older mods will often not register correctly and KSP will give up on loading items that are unsupported quicker than newer items because it knows old items are most likely corrupt and running all registry functions on broken items can increase loading time significantly.
  8. Nice. The first moon mission is always exciting, no matter how long you have played the game.
  9. Been working on it. It is now seperate from Hypermod! Also, I have a new favorite part: The 3.0 Quantum Reactor! It can: Function as a KSPIE reactor with built in Charged Particle and Thermal Power generators Function as a Blueshift FTL gravity wave generator Function as a really good ISRU: 100 Electric Charge into 1000000 Ore 1 Oxidizer into 100000 Liquid Fuel 1 Liquid Fuel into 100000 Oxidizer 100 Ore into 1000000 Liquid Fuel 100 Ore into 1000000 Oxidizer 100 Ore into 1000000 Monopropellant
  10. Yes. It is called "KSP Overpowereness" Also, I now have a system that turns 50000 WasteHeat to 1 WasteHeat so you don't need unsightly radiators for starships.
  11. As some of you might recall, in January I posted in "What did you do in KSP today" that I had made a mod that has engines capable of propelling a ship to lightspeed. In that thread, I had said I would never release it. I have changed my mind. Welcome to KSP Overpoweredness! It is currently indev. It requires: KSP Interstellar Hypermod OPT Spaceplane Parts It has support for: TweakScale (mostly) Blueshift FTL KSP UFO It adds: OPT Omega Drive (just a more powerful Dark Drive) OPT Mass Driver (Just an Omega Drive that also fun
  12. My computer is a good gaming computer in 2014-2017 standards. It is a Dell workplace computer with many custom parts (none of which are LED's). I am unaware of its exact specs because my dad was the one who built it, but here are the parts: CPU- 8 Core Intel CPU (I don't know the exact model, but it runs about as fast as a modern off the shelf PC) GPU- Geforce GTX 1070 primary GPU with a small backup GPU RAM- Whatever the stock one is (it is pretty good, it runs at about 30% memory with RLCraft running) Power Supply- Unaware of model, but it was replaced in 2018 after a po
  13. Starships are large, usually wingless vehicles that have insane range. I challenge you to make the best starship you can that is capable of going to another star system and coming back. Recommended Mods: KSP Interstellar Kopernicus Blueshift FTL OPT Spaceplane Parts
  14. Dont have any pictures of them yet, but here are 4 of my favorite starships I have made: Virgil Class V-313 Overizer General Specs Length: 72.8m Height: 9.5m Width: 45.5m Weight: 436.981t Parts: 230 Power Reactor: 2x Beam Core Antimatter Reactor Warp Drive: 1x 3.0 Hyper Warp Drive Propulsion: 2x Antimatter Radiant Drive Max Speed: Warp 4 Specifications Atmospheric: True Planet Preferences: Thin atmosphere, medium gravity, land Status: Operational Purpose: Exploration Kerbals Seats: about 150
  15. Dont have any pictures yet, but here are its specs: Virgil Class V-314 Hyperplex General Specs Length: 94.5m Height: 15.7m Width: 26.7m Weight: 588.587t (no fuel) Parts: 237 Power Reactor: 1x Plasma Antimatter Reactor Warp Drive: 1x Light Alcubierre Drive Propulsion: 4x Antimatter Radiant Drive Max Speed: Warp 8 Specifications Planet Preferences: medium thickness atmosphere, low gravity Status: Experimental Purpose: Mobile Base Connection at Mun: 98% Kerbals Seats: Roughly 800 Cockpits: 2 S
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