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  1. i feel like this forum section is completley useless now...
  2. Do I get a badge?(sry, never done one of these before)
  3. We are now at the point where when we talk about stuff that happens when we update the game, it is irrelavant(I think I spelled that wrong).
  4. I can't download from the site. It is showing all other updates, but not this one.
  5. can someone please tell me if they have downloaded it off the site?
  6. Its out on steam, right? I use the site
  7. Is it out yet? I feel stupid for asking, but does anyone have an estimation of how long in minutes?
  8. 9 parts 401 kg Size Height-1.1 M Width- 0.9 M Length- 1.8 I'm pretty sure I met all parameters. Please tell me if I messed up. It is upside down on landing beacuse of a steering wheel glitch.
  9. Where can I download BDArmory? I feel stupid for asking, but I forgot where.
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