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  1. So, like @Nazalassa said: turn it off in the settings. What would be nice, though, would be having a parameter where if the periapsis dips below a certain point, like below the surface, the Kerbals go into all-out cleaning mode, and the cabin starts to slowly look nicer.
  2. None of the thumbs are showing up for any of the craft. After a certain date, they all just disappear.
  3. It's okay. You'll be better off without your ships.
  4. Maybe they could make a launch site where the coordinates are in the water, and there could be a couple of ship models that surround that area. or, when you spawn in at that launch site, all of your launch clamps dissapear and turn into tugboats.
  5. if your center of mass is at the bottom you will always land retrograde at least, i think
  6. well, before hand i would spend a couple of hours looking at the specs of the planets to create an overcomplicated rover to conquer the terrain and try to get land speed records...
  7. maybe you could play a version where craft have to be pre loaded, and physics is already calculated. then, when you transfer over the craft, the parts are fused together and you fly it as you would in any other flying simulation.
  8. I'm more of a "I want it now and I don't give a damn about waiting" kind of person. I'm more of a "I want it now and I don't give a damn about waiting" kind of person. well, that's just glitchy...
  9. literally, google the cheat menu code and teleport a rover to every new body to see what it looks like firsthand
  10. the problem i see with this is the fact that mminmus isin't in a geosynchronous orbit to kerbin
  11. what they could do is scale down the size of kerbin as you move faster and slow down the relative velocity of the ships that aren't the one that you control. then, mask a new clock on top of the old one and slow down the old one as the controlled ship moves faster. then, everything else will have a slower relative velocity, but not crash into the planet, while you retain you current acceleration. for that amount of time, everything else will move slower, except for you, at least until you come out of speeds where special relativity is applied.
  12. would anyone happen to know of a patch so that mm doesn't save logs?
  13. Well, to explore Kerbin, for one thing. Look at Earth, for example. There is so much life under the ocean that we haven't even found yet, including massive amounts of geographic evidence for multiple things, and we (as a species) have been here for almost 300,000 years. we have learned so much just from ocean exploration, and that is something that I think would carry over to other planets in KSP.
  14. and this is the situation in whence you have a button when you right click where you could "turn off unconnected nodes" and then select each node that you want to turn off
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