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  1. Also, just a thought, but what if when one turned on rigid attachment, it “welded” them together and calculated them as a new part, and was saved in a temporary cache? Then you would have less joints and therefore less wobble. Ofc, this would mostly make sense for fuel tanks, and not much else.
  2. Yall know the uncanny valley, right? I think thats what we’re getting with the graphics. Yes, I know that the uncanny valley applies to humanoids, but the parts look real“ish”. The ground looks real“ish. The clouds look real“ish”. Everything seems off. On kerbin and other atmospheric planets, you can see a bit too far, but not to the point of non-shaded ksp 1. Its odd… I have never seen a ksp ad. Never. On all omnipotent beings, I can’t remember the existence of one.
  3. Actually... I know this may be kinda out there, but what if we had different paint textures(like rocket league). That would lead to some nice stuff for modders, and you could possibly upload your own textures?
  4. Damn. That was fast. You have been paying attention to the threads, eh? I don't recommend speaking for large groups of people, as the forums are generally small compared to the overall player base. Think about it. Do you really want paint textures which look like they should reflect every bit of light they catch? I see a lot of players who are fine with cutting corners because the game is "okay the way it is". The part designs look fine. The textures are definitely an issue, and it is something which can be easily fixed(from my limited knowledge of modeling in blender). This is especially noticeable every time a planet comes into view.
  5. on the other hand, the textures do look bad. REAL bad. as I have posted before, it looks like they were injection molded into the game.
  6. again with the glossy, lego parts...
  7. idk bro, but it seems like KSP 2 is really leaning into the LEGO bricks vibes. Meaning, I think the part surfaces are too glossy and shiny. I don't know what the devs did, but the parts look surfaced with plastic. Now, two replies I expect: "oh, but the screenshots have been confirmed to be months old!" It still looks like that, even from the play testing which was uploaded yesterday. "this can be explained with lore! maybe they use a different kind of paint!" That's (respectfully) stupid, and an easy out. KSP is meant to be an earth analogue, and although it has tiny green men and women(whom we all love), that doesn't mean that they should be crappy paint designers. The game looks like the Lego 3d modeling software(again with the Lego) and is something that needs to be fixed.
  8. It would be cool if as you get close to a star, stuff like solar panels and radiators begin to "melt", meaning that they lose functionality over time. (eg. gre3atly decreased power output, less heat reduction). then, this would lead to a myriad of other affects, like engines which need to vent waste heat begin to overheat, or xenon engines run out of electricity much faster.
  9. As i have been severely hindered by my tiny mac laptop, what would the chances of success by crowd funding a pc be? Of course, only for playing ksp2
  10. its not torture if we are testing pressure limits for suits in the most kerbally way...
  11. dude. boosters are loveing lame. what could be better than using a ballistic missile to hit a building that is only a couple hundred yards away? HAH! Did it just auto-censor me?
  12. it would be pretty rad if you, as a newb, land on the center of the light side of the planet, and the second your kerbal steps outside, he explodes into a bloody mess.
  13. if ksp is going to be a package content game like ksp 1 is, one could easily go into save game files and change how much currency they have. hell, it could even be an option in the cheat/debug menu.
  14. Since Twitter is where the majority of our community follow us for news and updates about KSP2, we will continue to use the platform. also, twitter is funny as hell right now
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