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  1. Was this accidental or the result of years of calculations and precise thrusts??? . Either way that’s pretty sweet, now get it to where the game has no clue which is Ap and Pe and it just flickers like crazy.
  2. SPACE! SPACE! SPACE! I’m in space! SPACE!
  3. I just picked the ones I use the most since I usually build medium sized crafts. My favorite design wise would be the LT-05 but it barely clears the terrier engine and I tend to smash the engine on hard landings.
  4. Progress! A 2,500,000 m/s interstellar transport vehicle was built. It has a TWR of .01 though... may switch out the engine for a less efficient (only 1,500,000 m/s), but a twr of .5. It’s *only* 147 parts so not horrible lag... not great though... and that’s without landers
  5. Did you timewarp from 1 to 10,000 really fast? It causes problems like that.
  6. Ok I’m doing this got the install up, but a quick question: The nova Kirbani baricenter has 3 stars (NK A, NK B, and Proxima Centuari) is a grand tour doing all three stars and their planets (and moons) or just one? (I’m planning on going until I can’t any more bouncing around these systems, but I want to know when I can stop.)
  7. It feels moar powerful to me to have moar boosters instead of just bigger boosters, if it ain’t lagging your game, ur LV is weak.
  8. It seems to be working fine now thanks guys! (due to the nature of this glitch though it may reapear soon and I've just been lucky for the past hour of playing.)
  9. I might try this later... just started a JNSQ but this would be a fun sidetrack/break from early career grinding.
  10. Ok I have two logs: Here is one where it succesfully loaded in: And here is one where it crashed (this one was a bit different from my other logs when I crashed... its much shorter... maybe because I was viewing task manager at the time to see if it was ram related, i doubt it though.) also is there a specific crash log or is still just KSP general log? I verified my files through steam last night (I just renamed it Kerbal Space Program and snuck it back to the steamapps/common folder), but haven't played it yet (it was late last night.) Hopefully that fixed it! (it said it
  11. I put the wrong modlist lol, but I’m fine with removing mods if necessary as for specs I have a: Nvidia GeForce 950m gpu (2gb video card) I have 16 gigs of ram (says only 11 gigs available dont know if that’s normal, I just have mc, valorant, and 2 copies of ksp.) Intel i7-4720HQ @2.60 GHz and I’m on windows if that matters. Also played Beyond home recently and used these mods without a problem: As for verifying files... I kind of hid this install from steam by renaming and moving it (so steam doesn’t auto-update or any weirdness), so how would I m
  12. Ok, so this bug is weird... it only crashes sometimes when loading into the editor, and the log files don’t seem to report any one obvious error. (I forgot to take screenshots of the log, so I’ll post them here later when it crashes again.) Here is the crash screen And my modlist (only 40 or so mods... should be easy to pick through ) I’m sure I’ll accidentally solve this by deleting mods and such, but if anyone can help in the meantime that would be great!
  13. Eh I still think pol is cursed...
  14. It’s!!! Friday!!! (Friday... Friday... Friday!)
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