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  1. As far as I know the mod author isn't very active and I don't think he/she want's to deal with trying to get system heat not to buttheads with it lol, I can put something up there though.
  2. The issue I was dealing with was actually due to far future technologies and more specifically system heat was causing issues with the waste heat management, After removing far future tech it's stable around 45fps For anyone else that needs help, I wanted to keep the science tools from far future tech, if you want to do the same all you need to do is go into the game directory delete everything in the fft folder besides the Part>Resources> fft-scanner files, that includes scanners file aswell. Also keep the FFTScienceDefs.cfg outside of the parts folder but keep it in the FFT main f
  3. Is it fine if I install this without system heat it seems to cause issues with waste heat management from ksp-ie, by issues I mean insane lag lol
  4. Anyone know if it's possible to play this without eve and scatterer they absolutely demolish my fps im chillin around 4fps with a 8600k cpu and gtx 1070 8gb with 16gb of ram...
  5. Want to confirm if anyone else is having this bug (After doing a fresh install clearing mods it still shows) When I do the EVA construction with an engineer. every time I move a object like a strut or radial parachute my whole ship will either, spaz out, explode, gain some sort of momentum, or the worst part is it will somehow make my engineer strutted to the ship itself causing some issue where im losing velocity and it usually ends up crashing. This happens to me about 9 out of the 10 times I tried to EVA construct on multiple vessels.
  6. Is the blanket photovoltaic solar receiver a giant solar panel or just a receiver for power from power stations?
  7. Does the warp drive not work with this mod? I have no options to activate the warp drive at all.
  8. Anyone get this bug where your engines just stop working? literally did jool 5 perfectly now for some reason engines wont activate so I can return to kerbin, I have fuel/electric power/ nothings broken.....
  9. I figured out the issue, if you change the loops while in flight at all you gotta completely restart ksp, seems like changing loops during flight makes it bug out.
  10. I seem to have a bug or something, everytime I timewarp and I look at the loops every radiator/cooler/heat exchanger has *not found* Even after not touching the loop id and leaving it at zero does the same thing. anyone got a fix?
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