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  1. This is a great mod. I don't understand why a first person view isn't included in the game. I can't seem to get the jet pack thrusters to work at all. Is it possible to use the normal Kerbal control axes from the settings page while in FP? Also, is it possible to use the normal camera axes (with POV hat) to look around the inside of the helmet? I can only use the mouse to look around. Thanks.
  2. Is is possible to include the Kerbal character translation and rotation control axes and and the missing EVA buttons from the Kerbal controls page, please? That way we could use a D-pad or POV hat to walk/run the Kerbal around and have the superior AFBW analogue control of the jetpack. Also, is there a way of setting up an 8-way POV hat to operate like a 4-way hat?
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