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  1. What mod do you get those My Little Pony skins for Kerbals from?
  2. Nice! This is a little bit late, but where do you get those landing legs from?
  3. Continuing the ISS build in KSRSS. Moar screenshots: First: Deorbiting Progress 1. Next up: The launch, rendezvous, docking , and EVA of STS-104. Next: The launch, rendezvous and docking this has to be old be now of Pirs (Progress 2), and moving Expedition 3 to the rear of Zvezda. Did the Soyuz capsule docked under Zvezda move before or after Pirs launched? Finally: The return of Expedition 1. Sorry for all of these being in a 16:10 aspect ratio.
  4. Around a year ago, I built the entire ISS in JNSQ. Over the past week or so, I've been rebuilding the ISS now in KSRSS. Screenshots of what I did yesterday: First off: Returning STS-96. Next: The launch, rendezvous and docking of STS-97. Next: The launch, rendezvous and docking of Progress 1. Finally: The launch, rendezvous and docking is this getting old yet of Expedition 1.
  5. I used a lot of Hyperedit on my first mission to the Moon in RSS, and I used it when refueling my Starship after a couple refueling missions because I hate launching nearly 7 tankers just to get 1 ship to Mars in RSS.
  6. Looking back at old posts of mine on the forums, I wish I never learned how to use a browser.
    In a year or two I'll probably feel the exact same way about this.

  7. Went to the Moon in KSRSS. Screenshots:
  8. Hey, has anybody else had a problem with the plume sounds completely cutting off randomly into the game? I'm in a rush rn, so I don't have the time to look thru the threads at all 'cause I'm lazy. Any help appreciated!
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