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  1. Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME! I absolutely NEED this for my JNSQ install! Quick question, will this work in 1.11.2? The mod seems pretty outdated, and I do not know if it will break my game.
  2. Would it be fine if I used Hyperedit to refuel my Starships going to the Mun/Duna? :P

    Launching several orbital refueling missions is pretty time consuming xD

  3. This mod has not been updated in about a year. I wouldn't count on it. It was a better idea to ask on the Tundra thread, that I saw you post. No problem!
  4. EPICCCC!!!!!!!!! This thread is awesome!!!! The style of these missions have inspired how I fly my missions for my small space station in my stock KSP install Keep up the great work!
  5. Nice new pfp;p

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Thanks, I just updated the cover photo to make it better.

      If anyone is curious, it's the Canyonlands in Utah.  It's very marslike

    2. SpaceX_Boi
  6. Why have the forums been so quite for me lately? I have been asking questions on threads, posting status updates, and nobody seems to be listening :/ 

    1. Starhelperdude


      it also seems quite here to me

  7. If you want a good up-to-date Starship mod, you would definitely want Starship Expansion Project.
  8. In the rescale folder for this mod, is it possible to rescale sizes or stuff for 2.5 scale solar system? If I am stupid let me know, I just want to know if you can make this mod suitable for 2.5 scale.
  9. About to do my first Interplanetary test flight for Starship around the Mun, in my JNSQ Install. Wish me luck! :) 


  10. I know that I didn't include some. In this thread, I am only talking about SOCK, CA, and SSS.
  11. Hi I know that this forum is not the forum of Starship Expansion Project, but it does not have a thread so I will post here. Does anybody else have wimpy heat tolerance for the Starship? Today I had to use the 'ignore max temperature' cheat to get through re-entry. The ship can barely take any heat. Please help! And let me know if posting about SEP on this thread is unreasonable
  12. Nevermind, I installed it on my own. Sorry that I am a little late, but, THIS MOD IS AMAZING!!!111
  13. Umm... How is this mod supposed to be installed? It doesn't look like a casual KSP mod... If I am stupid let me know, I just want to know how to install this
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