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  1. Oi @mark7, @Fundati is planning on making Endurance RO configs.
  2. Maybe. If others can't afford KSP 2, or just simply don't want it, then it would be fair to keep updating KSP 1 And by the way, They are being developed by different developers, so squad might continue to update KSP 1, while Private Division and Star Theory develop KSP 2
  3. Good It's only wide SN15, instead of wide SN11 However, u r kind of right, as it doesn't look as wide POSTTTT
  4. No, he (or she) probably doesn't. So many others and I all want a stainless steel, full scale surface cargo variant, which doesn't require a whole lot of clipping. EDIT: Wow, I haven't posted here in a while, gosh!
  5. Who else hated how the first episode of 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' ended?
  6. Hey, @Ben J. Kerman, I changed my cover photo for you. Do you like it? :D 

    1. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      I think it's AWESOME!!!!!!!! :cool:

    2. SpaceX_Boi
    3. Spaceman.Spiff


      noooooooo RIP wide SN11

      SN15 ain't wide enough

  7. @Stormpilot, nice pfp lol POST It's true, glad to hear that someone else knows that humans are animals
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