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  1. Well, I suppose if I have my understanding of a sandbox divorced from KSP 1, I'd probably go with "all of the above". But is that KSP though?
  2. I was about to non-chalantly answer, going down the list, but in all honesty, when you start getting to interplantary colonies, it becomes quite tricky. The only certainties are all parts being unlocked, KSC being fully upgraded, and all Kerbal abilities unlocked; all the same as KSP 1. After this, how do you define "sandbox" for colonies beyond Kerbin? Is there a small starter colony on every world? What about orbital colonies? What about the fuel requirements on colonies? ISRU plants in KSP1 don't get free resources just because you're in sandbox; that's just outright cheating. To make my confusion more brief; What's the limit between "sandbox" and cheating"?
  3. This is assuming that public announcements abide by 'fiscal quarter' release. I said June since that's technically in the early half of the year, at the absolute latest possible time. Assuming late March release at latest, then another trailer should be releasing on January or February. Chances are that if the game gets delayed again, we'll hear about it before this time anyways, so those months are nothing to go by. If we reach December and they haven't delayed it, then we can probably say with certainty that it will release Early 2023. (But you should NEVER get your hopes up.)
  4. I'd only suggest that they do this close to release. Assuming "early 2023" actually refers to June, they should release a trailer like that in March-April, about 2 months prior to the actual release.
  5. Hey, there's a time-sensitive resource; isotopic material with a short half-life. If you spend too long performing interstellar travel, such material would decay too quickly to be useful. But if you were to exploit the effects of approaching the speed of light, a ship could experience going from one solar system to another in a matter of minutes (but, of course, since it's the speed of light, they actually take a few years to reach the destination)
  6. Why stop at Laythe? Kerbin needs them, and so do other planets and moons with oceans and ice caps.
  7. Look, if you want to be pessimistic about KSP 2's (lack of) release, that's fine. But you gain nothing from complaining about it constantly. Go waste your time on something else, for our sake and yours. At this point, KSP 2 should release with something really decent. At the very least, a game that runs well with little in the way of bugs. I'll accept if they move a mentioned feature or two into the future in favour of getting the game out, it's just a horrible idea for them to rush. I appreciate the general concensus that Intercept shouldn't rush, but I feel as though the KSP2 section of the forums is on the verge of snapping like a strand of spaghetti and just begging Intercept to rush anyways. Them rushing means no more delays, but I really don't want KSP2 to end up like Cyberpunk 2077; overhyped and underdeveloped.
  8. I don't know if it's just me or not, but your png broke. Try using imgur.
  9. "Fuel? Where we're going, we don't need fuel." Now that I see the Mammoth-II compared to the F-1B, it's literally the same thing, and I love it. Strange how Mammoth-II is supposed to look like a successor to the F-1 when its lineage is supposed to be related to the RS-25.
  10. I'm sure there'll be plenty of telescopes to image other solar systems on release, but if there isn't, then a solar gravitational lense telescope would be great.
  11. This is just a little bit unrelated, but I've never played Kerbalism before. Now, if KSP 2 gets a Kerbalism analog, there's one aspect of life support I'd really like to see that would make me get Kerbalism right away: The importance of phosphorus and nitrogen, and how limitations in amounts affect the maximum population of a colony. (AKA; "Element Bottlenecks") It's a very underrated aspect of a lot of science fiction involving space colonies. I guess it would count as "recycling" in the polls.
  12. Pretty strong take there. Sandbox is KSP's most well-known aspect. Some people are too lazy to grind. Besides, Sandbox can give the player an opportunity to test a design without risking money or resources. Take Minecraft for example; I barely play on creative mode anymore, but when I do play it, it's mostly about designing a base to use in a survival world. Examples, please. And don't be like "Doom Eternal" or something, it should be examples of games with sandboxy aspects without an official "god mode" of sorts.
  13. Yes, obviously, but what advantage is there to reducing the in-game time spent going from place to place? That's what I mean.
  14. This is a very good point to bring up. What reason should the player have to go faster than they need to if timewarp is a thing? It has to be defined by something time-sensitive, which could be a contract, life support, or a decaying resource. Maybe all three. Will be interested to see what the reason is when and if KSP 2 comes out.
  15. I believe the closest rule in the guidelines to what you're mentioning here is 2.2p; "[Do not make posts] demanding or pressuring for release dates or updates from Take-Two or content creators." I'm doing the opposite to this, but if I have broken a rule, I will admit my fault.
  16. I know this is going to be a little bit off-topic compared to the main purpose of this forum, but I haven't seen people saying this enough. For the mods, I'm sorry in advance if this seems like junk: Dear Intercept Games, Don't sacrifice your health in favour of getting KSP 2 out. Take breaks, and respect your sleep schedule. Eat well, and keep up your fluids. Staring at a bright screen in the dark damages your sight, so remember to lower the brightness. Don't neglect to catch up with friends and family. And, above all, be happy.
  17. Touche. They shouldn't back down from what they've shown so far, especially given the delays. If they did end up doing it, I'd still be alright with playing it if it isn't as badly made as cyberpunk 2077 However, as another counter-point, caves have not been promised in any way, shape, or form.
  18. My point in bringing up KSP 1's development is this; If something is missing now, that doesn't mean it's missing forever. The most important suggestion that Intercept Games needs right now is to just keep working on the game, and get it released cleanly and on-time. Then again, it's easy to think optimistically when you trust in something. Remember; Rask and Rusk, Orion drives, and Metallic Hydrogen engines were all parts of pre-alpha footage. That's a pretty decent step up from KSP 1 anyways, so I don't see why there should be disappointment. If KSP 2 offers everything that KSP 1 did, alongside better graphics, optimised performance, and a few extra things for a not-too expensive price, I'd be a happy camper. I think we can- with a degree of confidence- say that most if not all of the features shown in the developer insights and show and tells will be in KSP 2 on release. And even if some or all of it isn't, I'd like to support the game for a bit to hopefully see it coming back (that is, if they don't throw out a game that's extremely buggy and runs terribly like Cyberpunk 2077, of course.) Seems a little cynical to interpret "a lot they're not showing" as "3 computers are on fire, the programmer's cat died, and our boss is a dick". To put it more plainly, I trust what Intercept is doing. Given that Cyberpunk 2077 is an important reference point to me, Intercept is already doing better than they did by directly showing us aspects of their development. I'll admit that everything I've said up to this point sounds like lip service for Intercept, but I will absolutely agree on one thing; we have no real idea how well they're doing with development. This doesn't mean they're doing horribly; it's ambiguous. We only know exactly what they show us, which doesn't provide any clear view of Intercept Games' working conditions, KSP 2's progress, or the amount of influence that the corporate higher-ups have on KSP 2's features. (*cough* microtransactions *cough*) We will just have to wait and see, patiently. For now, try out a really hard KSP 1 challenge or watch For All Mankind Season 3. Time flies when you're having fun, and time trickles slowly when you're scared. We'll get to "Early 2023" eventually. (Or late 2023, if there's another delay)
  19. I have a feeling that the addition of caves might be a low priority to Intercept Games'. The most important thing is to get interstellar travel and colonies working. After that, caves might be part of an update or mod. Consider KSP 1's development: It started with Kerbin and enough parts to count them on your fingers and toes. Then they added the Moon, then Minmus, then all the other planets, then Eeloo. Along the way to here, they added rocket engines, fuel tanks, all sorts of things. I think this is a good time to remind everyone that no matter how disappointing KSP 2 may be on release; it will get better. And if it's amazing on release, we can only expect so much more in the future. Even if there's only one extra solar system besides Kerbol. I don't want to see anyone complaining because we all know that more will be added in the future. When KSP2 comes out, just enjoy the better performance*, nicer graphics, and high-tech parts. You'll get more in the future. *I hope I don't live to regret saying "better performance" when it turns out performance ends up being like Cyberpunk 2077.
  20. I think this is just a specific part of a larger issue; some of the buildings are blocked behind loading screens. You can switch between VAB and SPH with a single button, but going into the tracking station needs its own loading screen, seperate from the VAB/SPH's loading screen. Be good to make things near-seamless so you can just go back to contracts to check without waiting for the game to load.
  21. Having a larger ship wouldn't necessarily stop a crew from going more insane. There'd need to be recreational facilities or hibernation to truly stop such a situation. The former solution would only be temporary anyways.
  22. I've just set both of those dates on my calendar, so keep in mind that I'll be here to let you know if that prediction is correct or not.
  23. Especially if you have "one time" functions like solar panel extension after being deployed. It'd also be interesting to have certain parts be stageable multiple times, like science equipment. I'm starting to think that stages need to have labels instead of dumb numbers counting down to 0. Also; with numbers as a default, start from 1 and count up, not count down!
  24. In terms of mods I'd like to see: Surface-to-space laser propulsion, as a method of early-game interstellar travel. Kilometer-long magnetic "railgun" mass drivers, as a cheap method of interplanetary travel (after the extreme cost of building the mass driver itself, interplanetary launches can happen with very little debris left behind). Orbital colonies, akin to those found in The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill. Underwater colonies, like concepts for colonies on Europa. (Would also require subnautical ship and colony parts to be implemented.) Surface 'gravity rings', which spin to generate 1g with the net force of a planet or moon's own gravity (this requires a specialised diagonal surface, whose tilt will differ depending on the parent body's gravity).
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