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  1. I was wondering if anybody knows when 1.11 will be released for console
  2. I was wondering if any of you knew any of the not mentioned in tutorial or controls guide controls (BTW I am on console) for example I learned this one far to late L1 while moving the position of a maneuver mode in a solar orbit will allow you to move the position of the maneuver at a normal speed (hope this one is useful for new players it definitely one you want to learn early on) 2: L1+left or right on the dpad will allow you to switch vessels that are within 2.5 kilometres (it may be closer I haven't tested) very useful for docking and getting the correct rotational alignment(for exa
  3. I have a station that's already launched and is rather wobbly and I cant attach external struts to help with the wobbling
  4. so my dad was sending a small crew transport to his space station and he got within several hundred meters so I tell him to use the lowne lazy method of docking and then I see something he switches hit square on the docking port he's targeting and aims his camera there and his cursor crosses over an eva hatch so I had an idea what happens if you eva a kerbal like this well as it turns out when you eva the kerbal it take control of said kerbal and then if one was to cause said kerbal to board a vessel it causes the kerbal to take control of said vessel bassicaly switching to said vessel witho
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