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  1. ok let's set the scene I am sending jebediah on a minmus mission for to complete several contracts (keep in mind this is early game I have basic rocket parts rcs no docking ports basic robotics etc.)the mission goes quite well until the my minmus return trajectory its's a straight up and down line. me being me says it will be fine, and goes ahead with the reentry plan I burn the rest of my stage above mun orbital height and decouple the stage the interesting thing is at this point it had enough delta v to cause me to start going back up hopefully lessening reentry. after my burn I make a quick save and go ahead with reentry and then heres when things go horribly wrong. I have made a fatal design flaw placing the heat shield on the science junior and not on the service bay. as my craft heats up and rapidly approaches the ground I decide to start spinning as this usually helps dissipate the heat but to no avail. my craft burns up in reentry. so how do we rescue jebediah hes on a suborbital trajectory from the quick save point and this is where I realize something he reenters the in the mountains near the desert airfield sadly the quick-save was made after last stage separation(quite stupid of me)so no using that, but his trajectory at the quick-save is directly above the ksc. at the quicksave point he has 3 hours to apogee. this is where I remember a rather interesting seemingly random piece of also seemingly useless information: a certain spacecraft (irl.) docks to the iss in around 3 hours (sorry cant remember name). heres the problem I have almost none of the required sas vectors(early game still haven't unlocked most) and no docking ports or claw and jebs trajectory is suborbital. so how do I rescue him well here the interesting thing I have robotic parts his trajectory is directly above the ksc and if I could somehow "dock" to his craft with a large secondary heatshield and another stage with more chutes well jeb could in theory be rescued and thats just what I did."docking" suborbitaly was a major challenge once I had an encounter I needed to secure his craft using robotic parts to the heat shield and extra stage I did this by creating a scaled up robotic version of the claw with alligator hinges and structural pieces the next step was to wait as entering time or physical warp would cause the two craft to phase through each other causing eventual R.U.D when I hit the atmosphere not good so I waited quite a while and reentered the science junior was destroyed but the rest of the craft survived jeb lived another day and I learned a lesson. looking back I could have simply attached another command module to my wackamole rescue contraption instead of trying to reenter the whole craft.
  2. cameras utilized as place-able control and view points could be great for example a camera on a docking port allowing you to dock more easily also on the subject of docking I think something along the lines(literally) of a new rotational indicator is called for. this is what I mean: this would be a very simple easy to use tool that would automatically engage once you get within 15 metres of your targeted docking port it would consist of two displays showing two lines each. one display xrot and yrot (rot=rotation) the line on the left part of either display would represent the docking port your controlling from and it's rotational alignment relative to the docking port your targeting. same deal with the other display. in order to use it you use your rcs to line up each of the lines(pun intended) once you do this you will be aligned along whichever axis corresponding to the left or right(left panel xrot right panel yrot) panel that you chose to align first. once you have the your xrot or yrot aligned you simply repeat the process for the other side then translate linearly to the selected port(note this does not include rotational alignment along the longest axis of your ship although it certainly could). this concept could also work with a single curved line each end of which represents a port and your have to straighten said line to align you rotational axis(you still would want two panels each representing a rotational axis). this could also work with a triangle were in order to align your axis you have to eliminate any angularity so that your left with a simple line.
  3. sound pretty cool to deal with performance issues you could only activate the model during action that would impact a status change for example the model will activate if you are within if you are directly above water and within 100 metres of it's surface. as far as as atmospheres go it would be pretty cool to have the ability to create pressurized environments. also ballast tanks for submarines could be nice. this would allow me to make a firefighting plane picture the following scenario: a large rocket has just collapsed on the pad it hasn't exploded but it has spread kerosene everywhere and a fire has started. wouldn't it be nice if I could dump a large quantity of water on top of the fire(by this time all the kerosene has burned it's just the launch pad and the nearby forest that's burning as I am well aware that kerosene would float on top of the water)
  4. can't say on one hand I like the current ion engines for their convenience but also despise them for the high thrust levels also I feel like ion engines are severely underutilized for larger crafts it would be great if larger ion engines could be added in ksp2 so as to allow a reasonable twr for larger craft without having to crank up the part count(note perhaps due to performance improvements in ksp2 this will not be necessary). in addition I think more ion engines could be just a good idea in general.
  5. yes indeed I don't really honestly expect an answer back but theres always a chance
  6. I really like this idea perhaps cameras later in tech development could function as point of view for example a camera on a docking port and live video feed. in addition I think the ability for kerbals to move around inside a ship could be great.
  7. I think some sort of mass driver stuff could be cool. stuff like launching space and air craft vai a railgun imagine launching this at 2 kms to airdrop supplies to remote colonies ps: ironically this a mq 101 drone from ace combat 7.
  8. yeah 2 updates behind I have checked blitworks(they port over the ksp to console) page. drumroll:no new news regarding updates surprise surprise I just emailed blitworks hopefully I will get a response soon if so I will post the details
  9. well thats all fine and dandy but when is ksp 1.11/1.12 coming to console. ps4 and xb1 are both 2 major updates behind.
  10. sound great although personally I would rather have a slider for reaction wheel effectiveness as I often have trouble making craft controllable
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