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  1. No matter what you say on the internet there's always a handful of self-important "experts" that show up to argue with you for no good reason. Game developers don't need you to imagine a bunch of reasons why they shouldn't do something like this. They are the only ones in the position to actually know how complicated it would or would not be and they have all kinds of business and money types to help predict if it would be profitable or not. The type of comment that would actually be useful in this thread is if you would be willing to pay for a separate game or dlc or some such offeri
  2. Yes KK=Kerbal Konstructs ... sorry I wasn't clear. Here is the KK configs that come with JNSQ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fenetmth0yn5l1l/KK.zip?dl=0
  3. I'm running the latest Beta. I went through and upgraded all of the Kerbal Konstructs sites that show up as ground stations to level 1. (I'm running JNSQ and a ton of other mods ... I've not had any time to do any clean testing.) Everything seemed to be working as expected. The next time I started up the game all of those KK ground stations were back to level 0 as if I had never upgraded or configured them. That's not a terrible problem as the "default" ground stations still show up and are still working. But now I'm getting tons of NullRefs again. I also noticed that when y
  4. Alright I gave the multiple CNC antenna modules a try. The action to set frequency shows up correctly in the PAW but it definitely seems to confuse the CNC control panel. It's not a huge deal, I'm just going to simplify my network setup so it doesn't require so many antennas. Also wanted to ask about the antenna dish part of the deployable science gear. I noticed in the cfg file that there were some issues with it but I didn't see any details in the thread about it. What is the issue with that? I'm guessing it does not work with CNC since it's commented out in the patch file...
  5. Cool, thanks. I would have tried it out by now but I ran into some other problems. I have JNSQ and KK installed and I was playing with the settings for having additional ground stations activated (both in the ksp advanced options and the KK options.) Touching those settings seemed to make CNC mad and it began spewing NREs constantly. I tried a few things to get it to stop including removing the CNC scenario from my save and letting it rebuild it with no luck. I then tried your latest build supporting commnet manager and that seems to have cleared it up. I'm guessing there was some kind o
  6. Quick question ... would it be possible to add a second data transmitter module to a part (with a MM patch) and have a single antenna support two frequencies? EDIT: Ok, I see that CNC adds it's own module so adding an additional ModuleDataTransmitter wouldn't work. Would CNC understand an additional CNConstellationAntennaModule on a part?
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