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  1. Its a hungry proton that ordered a physical burrito. If a neutrino goes on a diet, would that be called a nutrisystem?
  2. Granted. But due to previous space biological life discussions, I hate to corrupt it as well but.... it becomes a fungal hyper parasite which feeds on any animal life. I wish I either had more likes or watched the likes that I do have closer
  3. Got to love these forums Would it be worded better with the statement: there are at least as many different possible interpretations of an action as there are actions themselves. Any overt action that would draw attention regardless of its intention, can be misunderstood as threat, or as prey, this then logically points to a course of covert action should be the best path to follow until more information of a given situation is known.
  4. Mobility in space through any natural means I would imagine would be very slow. Moving along solar winds or other space phenomena could be problematic outside of a solar system. Quite a few years ago I remember reading about experimenting with creating an actual computer created from brain cells. I don't never know what happened to that experiment or if it produced anything useful or not and can't seem to find reference for it. Fungal terraforming, among other uses, are being studied now which you know. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/space-travels-most-surprising-future-ingredient-mushrooms/ I think just the fact that life living in the vacuum of space would fall into a "primitive" way of doing something since the process happens naturally and unaided. Hmm, maybe a hybrid of technologies could solve problems on both sides. But I think at that point it is no longer "primitive" per se.
  5. Maybe not millions, but your point is most definitely not lost on me.
  6. Granted. They recognize each other and become fast friends. There is only 1 USB standard for about one minute until USB C notices that hot little number Miss FireWire IEEE 1394 on an older sytem. Chaos ensues as C and A fight and resolve to never speak to each other again. Such is love. I wish for better fans.
  7. Here's a thought that I myself keep going back to and I am certain others have heard about this before as well. Biological ships. Living ships that are grown and changed through DNA manipulation. Hold on, stop laughing for a second and think tardigrades. They may be microscopic but can withstand some very extreme heat, cold, radiation and pressure. So now the primitive part, how to manipulate DNA without modern gene splicing and editing techniques. You do it the same way that mankind did to dogs 30,000 years ago, or cats 8,000 years ago. It's already been proven that this can be done a lot quicker when it is targeted such as the famous Russian experiment. https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/famous-fox-domestication-experiment-challenged-66817 May sound far fetched but it if you could get the animal to the point of surviving in space (which, by the way is actually plausible. Real space creatures could potentially exist already.. admittedly very doubtful to be the large Scifi type but nonetheless) then you need a way to get it out of Earth's atmosphere. Just food for thought.
  8. That's just Major general Plasmaball. He is none of the three and very hot so be careful. Waiter! There is an empty bottle in my soup!
  9. Granted. Dman gets his perfect russet potato, HyperDraco gets all the free time he needs while still making money, and ColdJ gets a nice, safe ride.to the bottom of Everest. Meanwhile you get a rotten regular potato, a pineapple and radish pizza, a lego crane that somehow always looses it pieces for you to step on, and a nice hot sandy desert to eat. I wish for a faster computer.
  10. 9/10 I remember you Draco, welcome back!
  11. "Henry, you have no idea what it's like sharing a tent with a guy who thinks he's all 12 disciples." - Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
  12. Bing! Better late than never, Right @AlamoVampire ?
  13. Granted. But it's the launch from killamanjaro that will get you. I wish for a pizza.
  14. Fallout 3? Isn't that the game where all the dramatic people fall down and cry on the floor?
  15. "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail." - Abraham Maslow
  16. There once lived this guy from Queens Who's gestures were often obscene But then he mistook With merely one look The mod observing him behind the scenes Meh.... Doesn't quite fit correctly somehow.
  17. To make it sound sweeter to explore. Why don't tachyons get speeding tickets for going faster than the speed limit of the universe?
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