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  1. I remember seeing a mod that improves loading times by 20 something seconds, but uses ~300 megabytes more storage. I saw that exactly once during ksp loading after i had installed a bunch of mods. It also said that it can be toggled on or off in the settings. The message was a standard ksp message and the text was orange. Any idea what mod this is?
  2. Reddit user Docent_is_playing (Reddit account from his youtube channel) is a moderator of r/KerbalAcademy, so he doesn't seem to be a nobody in the community. The clips were from previous feature videos and not original. From what i've looked through his reddit account he seems like a nice and very helpful person.
  3. My guess is ten systems some of which are larger, some smaller, average being the kerbol system. EDIT: after reading The Aziz's comment the guess has been reduced to 4 star systems.
  4. Thank you. Not only have i fixed an issue, i've also learned something about KSP. :)
  5. So, i love Restock and can't imagine playing without it. But the stock textures for the 1.25m fuel tanks look better than the restock ones, and so does the Terrier engine. So, is there a way to change those textures back to normal without uninstalling Restock? Thank you in advance.
  6. Ok! I will try that. Thank you. I'll rather wait for MechJeb to get updated but thank you nonetheless.
  7. Then it must be my game that is causing the problem. I hope that it gets fixed.
  8. Have you downloaded Kerbal Engineer Redux from Curseforge or are you using CKAN. I use CKAN and i'm thinking that might the problem.
  9. When i installed Kerbal Engineer Redux on 1.12 i couldn't take off with a plane anymore. When i got to a speed of about 125m/s on the runway the plane started wobbling uncontrollably and eventually crashed on the ground. Has anybody else had this problem? Kerbal Engineer devs, Please fix this. Thank you.
  10. Thank you! I will try MechJeb once it updates to 1.12.1 (And 1.12.2 when it comes out) Great idea! For now i just use the newest version but i will indeed try this if i use an older version.
  11. I'm searching for a mod that could rendezvous 2 craft with a reasonably low relative speed. Docking i can do myself, but i'm really bad at making a good rendezvous. So please, if you know a mod that could do that respond to this post. Thank you.
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