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  1. Ok! I will try that. Thank you. I'll rather wait for MechJeb to get updated but thank you nonetheless.
  2. Then it must be my game that is causing the problem. I hope that it gets fixed.
  3. Have you downloaded Kerbal Engineer Redux from Curseforge or are you using CKAN. I use CKAN and i'm thinking that might the problem.
  4. When i installed Kerbal Engineer Redux on 1.12 i couldn't take off with a plane anymore. When i got to a speed of about 125m/s on the runway the plane started wobbling uncontrollably and eventually crashed on the ground. Has anybody else had this problem? Kerbal Engineer devs, Please fix this. Thank you.
  5. Thank you! I will try MechJeb once it updates to 1.12.1 (And 1.12.2 when it comes out) Great idea! For now i just use the newest version but i will indeed try this if i use an older version.
  6. I'm searching for a mod that could rendezvous 2 craft with a reasonably low relative speed. Docking i can do myself, but i'm really bad at making a good rendezvous. So please, if you know a mod that could do that respond to this post. Thank you.
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