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  1. I try to update ModuleManager to 4.1.3 but I keep getting this error message. And when I try to download it myself I can't find a download for it. I found the page for it but I am missing the download link if there is one. * Module Manager 4.1.4 (cached) DLL for module ModuleManager found at GameData/ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll, but it's not where CKAN would install it. Aborting to prevent multiple copies of the same mod being installed. To install this module, uninstall it manually and try again. Error during installation!
  2. I am running the Contract Window + mod it work great but when I am on the pad or in space it wont come up. I have looked and all I can find is from 2017 I think it was, and all it said was try F2 but that does not work. Any ideas on how to fix this or does anyone know of a mod that does the same thing?
  3. I have a mission to put a satellite in orbit around kerbin nonproblem, but it has to have combined rating of 900 G. All my antennas show either Km, Mm, or Gm. I have looked and this is all I can find on them pasted below. So my question is about G it is billions of what? how does it compare to GM m=metresG=billionsK=ThousandM=MillionT=TrillionGm= 1 billion metres
  4. Can my Engineer do this? Ok I pulled a stupid, I did a mission to put a Kerbal in orbit for a week. Did that got ready to come home and found out I replaced my pod but did not put a parachute on it. So my question is if I send up another pod with a parachute in storage and match orbit, can my Engineer take over a parachute and put it on the other ship? If I can't do that, then if I transfer the pilot from the one with no parachute, to another pod to get her down will it still complete the mission, or do I need to bring the pilot back in the same pod she went up in?
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