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  1. Maybe I spoke too soon. Version 1.2 is released! POLISHING UPDATE 2 -Fixed the shiny surfaces issue (YAY!) -Added Char, a moon of Fracture -Added a new biome to Fracture -Added polar caps to Silence -Added more science -Added new loading screens -Reduced the yellow tint of the snow on Silence -Adjusted the color of Tension's terrain -Increased the PQS tiling on some celestial bodies -Changed some celestial bodies' initial rotation -Celestial body description tweaks -Minor Scatterer tweaks -Minor config tweaks I know I said I was done with this mod, but I realized something: why work on a new project when I can continue maxing out the quality of this one? As you can see, this update is huge. Have fun, everyone! V1.2 screenshots (SPOILERS) (There are lots of screenshots )
  2. Version 1.1.1 is released! SCATTERER UPDATE -Precursors is now compatible with the most recent version of Scatterer (0.0829) -Atmosphere colors restored -Enhanced atmosphere effects -Adjusted the size of Solus to be more realistic -Fixed the lack of color contrast on Silence's surface -Celestial body description tweaks -Minor config adjustments ....also, a new moon may or may not be added with the next update
  3. This is because atmospheres work differently in the most recent version of Scatterer. I am updating Precursors as I write this reply. Soon, all the atmosphere colors will be restored with the latest version of Scatterer.
  4. I make an equirectangular cloud map (transparent background, opaque white pixels for clouds) and try to use it with EVE. When I open KSP, my map doesn’t show up in game. All the default EVE maps work, but not mine. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. And I can’t find good documentation on how to create custom cloud maps for use with EVE or how to implement them properly into the game.
  5. @Poodmund I have been looking for a tutorial on how to make an EVE cloud map for quite some time. EVE runs fine on my computer, but all of my attempts at a cloud map refuse to work. Do you (and other forum members) know of any resources I can check out? Also, could a tutorial be added to this repository? Thanks so much!
  6. I just added a system layout to the first post. It isn't the poster I mentioned making (currently figuring that out), but it's a good stand in.
  7. Hmm, I'll look into those other planet packs you mentioned and see what they've done. I always just assumed that Kerbol was realistically scaled down just like Kerbin. Thanks!
  8. As of 1.1, Frontier has oxygen. If you want to switch the oxygen off, just go into the config for Frontier and set oxygen to "false". It's a super quick, easy fix.
  9. 2. Tired of wasting precious fuel on long interplanetary transfers? Looking for a way to quickly travel to other star systems? Then I have a solution for you. Just Use the debug menu to teleport your ship under the surface of a planet or moon Fall into the center of that planet or moon Success! Instant arrival to anywhere. (Flimsy ships are not advised)
  10. (Self promotion) This mod replaces the stock solar system with a wide variety of unique and challenging celestial bodies. Its science and lore expand upon the KSP story. Precursors has been majorly updated since its initial release. Hopefully this is something you might consider playing!
  11. You know...I really should make a diagram detailing the solar system and its many worlds. Now I have a fun project for the New Year! Since that diagram doesn't exist yet, some of the challenges in the mod involve -Intense heat -Extreme terrain -Gravity -Limited visibility -Etc. Using Scatterer adds even more content. Gameplay wise, the solar system is slightly smaller than the stock system. This decrease in size is balanced by an increase in celestial body quality. Each world was designed to be both challenging and fun. For example, the starting world (Frontier) is an icy Super-Kerbin with a thin but dense atmosphere. Also, all worlds are unique both aesthetically and dynamically. Don't worry about this pack being full of Dres clones!
  12. I have a system replacement planet pack called Precursors compatible with KSP 1.12.3. Check out my forum page or Spacedock for the download! The mod adds a new solar system with a significant number of hand made, high-quality planets and moons to the game. Each celestial body contains an abundance of custom science and lore.
  13. Jeb has been teleported using the debug menu so many times that I don't even know where he is.
  14. A while back, I read about an interesting concept on xkcd's What If? https://what-if.xkcd.com/153/ Essentially, someone asked if it would be possible to put all of Earth's atmosphere inside a hole. A world with a displaced atmosphere sounded really cool to explore, so I wondered if it would work in KSP. Because atmospheres in KSP are global, a bit of terrain magic would be necessary to execute this idea. The planet or moon would need a thin atmosphere and an extremely deformed height map. That way, the air would only be located within deep craters or pockets. In-game, players would have to aim for the air pockets to ensure a safe landing. Or, they could go for the challenge of landing on the vacuum highlands. Lore-wise, there are several ways to explain the presence of the displaced atmosphere. If the planet or moon is too small to hold a significant atmosphere, the air could be supplied by volcanic activity or steady outgassing. Otherwise, the insane terrain would be enough of an explanation.
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