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  1. Doesn't Kopernicus use Hazardous Body? It allows you to apply high amounts of heat to the player's ship when it's in the affected biome.
  2. The real question is how do people leave Eve?
  3. Finding the monoliths in the code (requires KittopiaTech) Using KittopiaTech, you can export copies of the config files for the stock planets and moons. Copy and open any config file of a planet or moon with monoliths. Under the "scatters" section of the config, there should be a terrain scatter named something along the lines of "randomlith". Fiddling around with the density and spawn variables or duplicating the scatter should create more monoliths than usual. Note that any adjustments you make now will not appear in game! Making your adjustments appear in-game might be more compl
  4. Is this your first time making a planet pack?
  5. Hello everyone! The KSP Forums have a wealth of great resources for how to develop your own planet pack. But despite these resources, planet making can still be a very confusing process. This page is for people who are new to or curious about Kopernicus and planet-making in KSP. Anyone can contribute questions regarding the subject matter, and other developers are welcome to help answer those questions. Before posting a question here, I highly recommend you check out the following page: I will try to help whenever I can. I might not know the answers to some things: I have been dev
  6. Developers can write one description for every science tool in every biome. For example, an EVA report in "the grasslands" can be different than an EVA report in "the mountains". Not all developers choose to do this, however. If a customized science report is not given, KSP resorts to a default. "You've recorded your observations of the situation" is one of those defaults.
  7. I deeply respect No Man's Sky's development and comeback. I'm just wary that KSP 2 might recreate the release catastrophe. It's not likely to happen, but...
  8. Super excited for when the train finally reaches its destination, but do we have a plan if it crashes?
  9. KSP 2 is the only video game I've been excited for in years. However, I do not plan on buying it instantly. If the reviews are good and the game is mostly bug-free, then I will absolutely buy it as soon as possible. Worst case scenario is that the game is released as No Man's Sky 2.
  10. Planet pack concept: The player starts on the sole island of an ocean planet. The only way to gain science and explore the solar system is to first explore the homeworld's vast global ocean. The underwater terrain is extremely detailed and uses custom terrain scatters. Hazardous body and PQS mods are used to make diverse biomes with unique challenges. KSP is not designed to be an underwater game, but I think this idea has potential. I would try this idea myself, but I am already working on a planet pack.
  11. In addition to vegetation and coral reefs, underwater volcanoes should be feasible to implement. Just add a small, rocky cone with a wispy black particle plume above it. The plume would obscure the player's ship and the surrounding landscape. It could be used to conceal an easter egg (Kraken, cough, cough).
  12. In KSP 1, the ocean floor terrain is generated using simple noise, which makes it a very boring place to explore. I know KSP is not Subnautica, but oceans without realistic, interesting land forms are a waste of space. In KSP 2, do you think the developers are going to spruce up ocean topography? I would like to see some trenches and maybe coral reefs. And how about biomes? Ocean biomes could be based on depth or resources, giving the player a reason to explore.
  13. Hopefully the water in KSP 2 will be more exciting. Scatterer for KSP 1 adds interactable and adjustable waves to the game, which is really cool. Imagine flying through Eve's haze layer to be greeted by an ocean of huge, crashing waves. The player would be forced to either find land or have their ship destroyed. On an ocean planet, the player would need to build a strong, boat-like ship to explore the surface without getting torn apart.
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