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  1. If you go into the KittopiaTech folders, you can retrieve the new textures it generated. You only need the normal map, as using the height map will mess with your landscape. Copy the KittopiaTech texture into your mod folder and use it instead. If your celestial body has oceans, there's an extra step. The KittopiaTech color map will look different than your color map; it's what I call a "water map". Copy the water map into your mod folder, then go into the config and change the ScaledSpace color map from yours to KittopiaTech's. You do not need to change the files paths in the PQS section. If all goes well, your world will have oceans when viewed from space, and the oceans will be shiny as opposed to the land.
  2. For your experimentation, I recommend checking out the Kopernicus Documentation: https://kopernicus.github.io/wiki/ There's a lot of super useful information in there.
  3. I just noticed something. Here's one of your file paths: TEST\PluginData\heightMap_Delta.dds Try reversing the slashes. So, for the file path above, it would be: TEST/PluginData/heightMap_Delta.dds
  4. Let's see.... Other than the points mentioned in the spoiler box above, everything seems fine.
  5. OVERHAUL UPDATE #8: A peaceful moon with dying colonies of life. The mod is nearing completion. One or two more celestial bodies will be added before I fine tune the configs. I am aiming for a release date sometime in late August / early September.
  6. The solar system is called the Ignotum System. The Windswept System is just Windswept (a planet in the Ignotum System) and its moon. Sorry about the confusion.
  7. OVERHAUL UPDATE #7: A moon on the brink of tearing itself apart. And with that, the Windswept System is finished (for now)!
  8. Let me introduce you to the Kopernicus Documentation! https://kopernicus.github.io/wiki/ Everything you need to know about writing your own configs can be found here.
  9. OVERHAUL UPDATE #6: A desert wasteland that carries a memory of oceans long gone. This planet is still early in development, so feel free to leave suggestions*. I know the terrain looks kinda bumpy right now; I'll fix it tomorrow. *Edit: development on this planet is pretty much finished.
  10. OVERHAUL UPDATE #5: A rocky moon with a scarred surface. I know I've been posting a lot of pictures of Frontier. Although the Frontier System is far from finished, future overhaul updates will focus on other places in the solar system. Stay tuned!
  11. KSP is like Minecraft. You can complete the tech tree, build a base on Eeloo, and slay the Deep Space Kraken, but there is no true end to the game. Your imagination can power the game indefinitely.
  12. When viewed on a phone or a small device, all of the images will be warped. You can try turning your mobile device sideways to fix the warping. If that doesn't work, using a laptop or computer is the only solution (that I'm aware of). EDIT: I just realized that the images were warped because I made them too big. Thanks for catching this!
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