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  1. Version 1.5.2 is out now! MOON OVERHAULS -- PART 3 Maar's craters are no longer uniform, not even close. Major upgrades have been made. Changelog MOON OVERHAUL UPDATE PART 3 Completely overhauled Maar with new maps, biomes, and more (the liquid transparency issue was NOT fixed) Enhanced Fracture with a new color map, biome map, and touched up height map Adjusted Frontier's color map to be less saturated Adjusted Windswept's color map to be less saturated and more detailed Adjusted Icebound's color map to be less saturated Lowered Frontier's Scatterer atmosphere Updated science definitions Added new loading tips Minor config tweaks Minor Scatterer tweaks Screenshots This update is likely going to be last for a while. If there are bugs or game lags, I'll fix those, but college applications are going to consume most of my time in October.
  2. Maybe try using Precursors' Kerbin/Frontier Scatterer folder as a replacement for the original Kerbin folder?
  3. Version 1.5.1 is OUT NOW ON SPACEDOCK! Happy landings, everybody! Watch out for those ice spikes.
  4. Sorry from quoting you back from so long ago, but I love the screenshots you took of Precursors in its early development. If I install your configuration of TUFX, would I also be able to take high quality and artistic screenshots like yours?
  5. Version 1.5.1 comes out tomorrow! MOON OVERHAULS -- PART 2 Scar came first--now it's Icebound's turn for an overhaul! The Maar revamp will come alongside the 1.5.2 update. Changelog Completely overhauled Icebound with new maps, biomes, and more Adjusted Icebound's size, orbital parameters, etc. Scatterer atmosphere improvements Scattering now accounts for terrain elevation Minor tweaks Replaced a splash screen of Frontier with a newer image Improved Scar's description Minor config tweaks Screenshots Icebound 2.0 Scatterer atmospheres Download Precursors 1.5.1 on SpaceDock (https://spacedock.info/mod/2869/Precursors Planet Pack) when it releases!
  6. School and life has gotten extremely busy extremely fast, and I am constantly getting sick. I will be unable to host another challenge until things settle down. Sorry, everyone.
  7. Will trees ever have collision? ALSO: This might have been reported already, but some of the edges of icebergs--at least on Laythe--don't have collision. I was just cruising along in my plane checking things out when I literally fell through the ice.
  8. Not yet. I haven’t been able to find a quality tutorial on how to make custom cloud maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The results are out! Congratulations to @RJVB09 for winning Challenge #1! Their reimagining of Moho is a scorching yet beautiful planet of craters, jagged hills, and superheated canyons. This world's terrain was procedurally generated using Substance Designer, and its surface shimmers under a gentle blue sky. This well-rounded celestial body is the first to be entered into the Planet Jam Winners Pack (https://spacedock.info/mod/3081/Planet Jam Winners Pack). Scoring rubric--all submissions Raw scores Comments + constructive criticism Thank you to everyone who participated and made this Planet Jam a reality! Challenge #2 is in development now and will be released at latest by next weekend. Stay tuned.
  10. Announcement: The submission deadline for Challenge #1 has passed! Three submissions are now being judged for admission into the Planet Jam Mod, which will be available for download when the results are released this weekend. Cheers to everyone who participated!
  11. This is the version where I swapped out the CTTP terrain textures for stock terrain textures. Interestingly, this was done to FIX the transparent ground problem. Before, I had to use underground oceans on all the vacuum bodies to keep the terrain visible, which caused all sorts of additional issues.
  12. Did you try deleting the cache? If that does not work, delete the cache again and try using a new save (use the cheat menu to check whether the issues are still present). Another possibility is that Precursors is incompatible with the latest version of Kopernicus Stable Branch. My setup is using a version from mid June (6/14/22 or a little later). If you don't mind, try reverting back and see if the transparency issues resolve themselves. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Version 1.5 is released! MOON OVERHAULS -- PART 1 While making the official Precursors trailer, I realized that Scar, Icebound, and Maar desperately needed revamps. Here's the plan: 1.5 --> Scar 1.5.1 --> Maar 1.5.2 --> Icebound Each sub-update will also be bundled with general visual or gameplay enhancements. Changelog for 1.5 Completely overhauled Scar with new maps, biomes, lore, and more Added custom atmospheric rims to all atmospheric bodies Reduced the saturation of Frontier and Windswept's color maps Fixed the broken steep textures on Echo Fixed the transparent terrain issue on Windswept Fixed the stock green atmosphere issue on Serenity and Tranquility Stock atmosphere tweaks on a few bodies New opening logo splash screen Added a few experimental custom surface scatters Minor config tweaks NOTE: I accidentally included the cache files along with the update. These are generated by default when you start the game, so don't be concerned by the increased download size. I advise you delete the cache included in the download before starting your game. Screenshots Scar 2.0 Improved stock visuals Download Precursors 1.5 on SpaceDock (https://spacedock.info/mod/2869/Precursors Planet Pack) now!
  14. Go into the Scatterer folder and delete the folders that say "Kerbin", "Eve", "Laythe", etc.
  15. What version of Scatterer are you using? Did you remove the stock Scatterer folders?
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