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  1. On the topic of movies, when can we expect a new Matt Lowne KSP movie!
  2. Yeah!! These are awesome!
  3. I built the what I call the Deux V2, its a rapidly reusable 2 stage rocket with a falcon 9 size payload and new shepard landing legs.
  4. Those solar panels in the vid looked modded as well so maybe thats the problem
  5. My best guess after this is that you cant upgrade parts that you have not unlocked but that doesnt seem reasonable at all if you are getting a contract for it.
  6. Thanks so much man! (also wasnt really expecting for u to answer lol) Have a great day!
  7. Thanks man, also nice to see a fellow canadian!
  8. Maybe try replacing it with one from the rocket you send up even though like you said this is a fix mission rather than a replace mission
  9. Wow! that is beautiful, I never thought our old plain KSP would have a brother/sister so beutiful!
  10. Sorry, i should have been a bit more specific but i meant how long does it take for CKAN to update the mods and do i download CKAN like a regular Mod
  11. thanks, how long does it usually take for the mods to update?
  12. Thanks so much James! I just have one question, do i download it like a normal mod?
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