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  1. Ksp wont be updated anymore all of you hyping for nothing... HOWEVER... THIS MEANS KSP CAN COME OUT SOONER YAY!
  2. I think minmus tastes like a wasabi covered pea. change my mind..
  3. this game is going to be worth more than 60.00!!!!!!!
  4. Ok, this is a great idea. i hope the devs see this. everyone, like Hadur's post!
  5. is this a new mod, or a expansion of the older one? I think that those are just stand-ins for the real parts, but i hope they keep an updated version of the old mk 1-3, because i think they ruined it in a recent update with the teeny tiny windows...
  6. sorry i wasnt clear, your score is the maximum orbital speed you achieve while still in kerbin's soi. i chose kerbin because if you exit kerbin you start off at 10000 m/s.
  7. this challenge is simple: get to the fastest speed you can while in kerbin's SOI. use any means neccessary. the rules: 1. no cheats. just dont open the cheat menu. exploits and glitches ok. 2. only stock. no part mods. leaderboard will be posted here: First Place: Second Place: Third Place:
  8. im pretty sure they are going to add more planets than that. they probably wont add 12 new solar systems, but they have already shown us a lot of new planets, and i dont think they will show all of them until release.
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