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  1. KSP 1 had a burn time indicator in the VAB staging UI. Apparently, this isn't a thing anymore in KSP 2
  2. bruh how. the ksp 1 music was literally royalty-free kevin macleod music. not to hate on kevin macleod, but that doesn't exactly seem to be the best soundtrack for a game with such high expectations. can you imagine entering the ksp 2 vab, excited to play the new game, and sneaky snitch starts playing, just like in ksp 1? it would totally throw off the mood.
  3. the fact that we already have mods that are so useful is absolutely insane. this community is crazy!
  4. weekly challenge #4: get ksp 2 to run on your computer without causing nuclear fallout.
  5. finally, i can play KSP 2 on my graphing calculator!
  6. it says that the purpose is to make building easier, but i don't understand where it's supposed to connect to the truck cab, and what other parts i'm supposed to add to it.
  7. the entire science system is going to change, this probably won't make sense in ksp 2 lol
  8. thank god. i expected this, but it's just nice to hear it from a dev lol
  9. Wow! i didn't think anyone would actually do this challenge! if you ever get a chance, please try making a video, i would love to see it!
  10. No, it's not. The last delay said it would be available in early 2023. i think February counts as early 2023, and early access or not, can't you just be happy that the release date is finally on the horizon, without whinging about it not being "The Game That Was Promised"TM?
  11. yeah, i guess it's probably not an issue, i'll change it to a points objective (you get extra points for if you don't refuel in orbit) Nope! No chutes allowed, I'm wanting this to be more like starship than a traditional rocket landing. you get extra points if you land back on the same pad afterwards!
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