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  1. wait... are you telling me to use LESS BOOSTERS????? PREPOSTEROUS
  2. none of this applies if i bought kerbal on the steam store, correct?
  3. Ksp wont be updated anymore all of you hyping for nothing... HOWEVER... THIS MEANS KSP CAN COME OUT SOONER YAY!
  4. I think minmus tastes like a wasabi covered pea. change my mind..
  5. this game is going to be worth more than 60.00!!!!!!!
  6. Ok, this is a great idea. i hope the devs see this. everyone, like Hadur's post!
  7. is this a new mod, or a expansion of the older one? I think that those are just stand-ins for the real parts, but i hope they keep an updated version of the old mk 1-3, because i think they ruined it in a recent update with the teeny tiny windows...
  8. sorry i wasnt clear, your score is the maximum orbital speed you achieve while still in kerbin's soi. i chose kerbin because if you exit kerbin you start off at 10000 m/s.
  9. this challenge is simple: get to the fastest speed you can while in kerbin's SOI. use any means neccessary. the rules: 1. no cheats. just dont open the cheat menu. exploits and glitches ok. 2. only stock. no part mods. leaderboard will be posted here: First Place: Second Place: Third Place:
  10. im pretty sure they are going to add more planets than that. they probably wont add 12 new solar systems, but they have already shown us a lot of new planets, and i dont think they will show all of them until release.
  11. omg didnt know this existed. biggest video yet lol. also PROCEDURAL WINGS HECK YEAH!
  12. i think the major details are going to be the same, like a big boulder, but then as you zoom in, the lower detail boulder comes into higher detail, but doesn't lose it's size. this is my idea of a fix for that anyway.
  13. yeah, lots of other people seem to be leaning towards that. I have decided that is the best idea. maybe a certain planet would have super fast winds, like neptune.
  14. Do you know the show Malcom in the middle? it was a family tv sitcom from the early 2000s. the whole poll was partly the theme song for that show. oh wait I just realized that is what you are talking about lol
  15. I think that ksp 2 should definitely have some sort of weather mechanics, because that would open the door to many challenges that people have to face in real life, like, "will we have to scrub the launch because of a storm?" or maybe the weather on other planets might be a concern, like lets say a certain planet is close to its star, and has a thick atmosphere of sulphur or something. the storms might eat away at certain rocket materials, creating challenging scenarios for experienced players. In my opinion, this would be a great addition to ksp 2, but tell me what you think.
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