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  1. I raised the number to 5000, staged at 14000 m going up and it crashed. I kept the number at 5000 and reduced the other from 0.2 to the minimum value (about 0.05) at 22000 m coming down I staged and the chute came out--and was destroyed by heat and aero-forces. And I crashed again. I put the chute values back to 1000 and 0.2 and guided it over the ocean. The chute came out when I staged at 10000 m and was destroyed by heat and aero-forces. And I crashed into the drink. Is this supposed to be the way Kerbal Space Program operates?
  2. It's nearly impossible to read the speed. The altitude is in large easy-to-read numbers but the speed is a very small circular indicator less than a cm in diameter. On top of that, how fast is too fast? The instructor in the tutorial said it would deploy 'at the right time.' I'll try that over the water bit and also the 5000 adjustment. But the instructor in the tutorial never said anything about modifying direction of flight...
  3. VoidSquid : The chute does not deploy at all ever. The chute part does not change but the staging sound always takes place. The chute part is never open.
  4. Thanks for the attention. When the craft is rising and reaches 18000 ft, the chute symbol is white on a gray background and since the trainer staged the chute at 14000 ft I stage it here at 18000 ft. I stage at this point, it makes the staging noise and after staging the chute it turns pale blue on a gray background. At this point the box with 0.2 and 1000 in it, says "safe to deploy". And then it crashes. Again. The chute is on the nose of the craft, there is no cargo bay or fairing.
  5. I've done the basic Flea module and capsule configuration a dozen times and am approaching mass-murderer level success rate. I put the 0.2 and 1000 numbers into the parachute module, I press the staging key at 22000 feet, at 14000 feet going up at 16000 feet going down at 20000 feet going down and wipe out always. The symbol for the chute is snow white and when I press the space key and the sound of a cold beer opening comes. But I crash every single time. During Training it always comes out but when I do it without the trainers it always fails. I look at the the mission statement
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