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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't use a VPN.
  2. is there any way of creating 2d blueprint of my rocket, similar to this one:
  3. Thank you for reporting this ... the problem also occurs in the forum when I quickly open two or more forum links within a few seconds. Same problem...
  4. I'm trying to add some Italian page to the wiki, but every time I try to edit the page I have to wait for hours and hours because I get this error: It's really very frustrating, because as soon as you've done all the editing you get this error, with the risk maybe that you've spent almost an hour translating the page and you lose everything. The only way around this is to copy the changes and wait for the temporary ban to end (or log in from another network with a different IP and make the changes). Is there any way to limit this error? Also because not only do I get temporarily banned from the wiki, but also the whole forum.
  5. I'm trying to translate some Wiki pages into Italian. The annoying thing of this wiki is that many components / planets / technologies are linked and displayed with the relative word and the suffix /it (for example Kerbin/it) Most of these problems I solve with the link, adding to the linked page the link with the Italian word Example: [[Electricity/it|Elettricità]] Another problem is the title of the page that is always displayed with the suffix! So KErbin translated into Italian will be "Kerbin/it". To this unfortunately I have not found solutions (and I do not know if there are). I hope in your advices Moreover I saw that there are many Dict templates, so there is already a dictionary of those words (for example parts) and inserting the word in English and calling the DICT template, it is translated automatically. In fact, yesterday I tried to translate the page KerbNet. In this page there is a template of a table where are listed all the parts related to Kerbnet. In this table all the parts are always displayed in English so it was "annoying" (or let's say not very accurate) to see the original names in English searching them in the game with other language (especially for parts for example without the siglas) So I used the {{if lang}} function with {{Dict/part name|xxxx}} E.g. [[M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner{{if lang}}|{{Dict/part name|M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner}}]] In the above case Wikipedia should directly display in the name taking it from the dictionary and pull out the translated name that should be: Scanner a banda stretta M4435 As soon as it was modified it worked, but this morning I reopen this page (italian version) and I see that it doesn't work anymore. Do you have any advice?
  6. The main problem was the wheels...I unlocked the LY-10 and now it doesn't drift or veer any more
  7. Removing the rudder/stabilizer it no longer turns left but right (LOL), in addition to that after 100 m/s it continues to drift. With SAS on, things get worse...I can't even reach 100 m/s. Doing so makes the aircraft unmanageable. I had already tried to tilt it, but straight remains the best solution with some takeoffs
  8. Thanks for the advice...I have followed some of your advice but the situation seems to have gotten worse. In particular, I straightened the two rear wheels and moved the front wheel aft so that the plane is slightly tilted up. I have turning Rigid Attachment on for the landing gear I moved back the three upper flaps, but it did not improve at all, on the contrary now it is not only heeling but also veering to the left.
  9. I need a plane to do surveys above 17000mts. I have designed this aircraft with a rocket, but on the runway when I exceed 100m/s the aircraft starts to drift left and right until it crashes off the runway.... Only rarely have I been able to get it off the ground. Do you have any advice? I post the file of the aircraft and some photos. My File - High Altitude Jet MKI
  10. I have translated the few strings of the mod into Italian. How can I add them to the Github-repository?(I tried through github but it doesn't let me create a new file in localization folder)
  11. @sarbian I built myself a controller for kerbal. As the KSP interface did not recognise some joysticks, I installed the Advanced Fly-By-Wire mod. I'm afraid this is responsible for the engines not turning on. Because uninstalling everything and reinstalling this mod, MechJeb doesn't work. Do you know of any incompatibility with the mod AFBW and MechJEb? Edit: I thought it might be because I use the slide potentiometer with my custom controller. But thinking about it, the Gravity Turn mod should have the same problem. Instead with this mod it can still handle acceleration smoothly. So I can't understand why I can't get the throttle to work (and therefore start the engines).
  12. First of all, thank you for your reply... The solution could be to uninstall all the other mods (few to tell the truth) and reinstall them 1 at a time to understand which one conflicts with MechJEB?
  13. Sorry, I thought that the .log should only be attached in the event of a crash. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4p7insdu8viuol/Player.log?dl=0
  14. I have some problems with the mod. With any function (ascent guidance, maneuver planner, landing guidance etc) it does not turn on the engines. For example, with the landing guidance I set the target where I want to land, then I click on "land at target" ... but nothing happens, or rather it gets into position but does not turn on the engines (obviously also by clicking on "land somewhere" the same thing happens). Even if I try to circularise an orbit, it doesn't turn on the engines. It arrives at the node with the time warp and then nothing happens, and the same happens with ascent guidance. What's wrong?
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