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  1. Awesome, i’ll try it asap. Thank you..
  2. Sorry I was late for respond your reply, i dont have account on github do I'm not sure if this can be combined with the rss / ro update on github. This is strange, that ds temp should also follow the ro patch settings. I chake mine, and everything seems normal thanks for sharing. I did the same too, I decouple my orange tank before my shuttle touch the apoapsis, and i start using oms engine to adjust my periapsis i'll upload my configuration if you want @slaintemaith, like my deadlyrentry folder, spaceshuttle, etc
  3. No Problem. Btw, hope you get feeling better soon
  4. @slaintemaith All right, maybe this is going to be a very long post but I hope it can help you. First parts max temps, reconfigure max temps is aims to overcome the overheating that occurs during reentry process .Below are some parts that you should change the max temps. You can simply copy paste this code, or copy the max temps only A. Max Temps 1. SpaceShuttle gamedata\SpaceShuttle\Parts\Shuttle gamedata\SpaceShuttle\Parts\ShuttleEngines 2. SpaceShuttleSystem GameData\RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\SpaceShuttleSys
  5. @slaintemaith to reentry im using this methode , when first time I tried for reentry, my shuttle burned up. But I solved that problem by reconfiguring the maximum temperature, and as you said the shuttle started spinning, it happened because the rcs ran out of fuel and the sas reaction wheel was not strong enough to make this shuttle stable, and I solve it by adding a part (forgot the part name, but I'll check it if you want) so that my shuttle can reentry without using rcs until it reaches 65000- 70000. Usually I use rcs below 70000 (depending on my remaining fuel)
  6. I'm not sure if this can help you @Kochi. but have you pressed distz ? . For solve my previous problem, Turfadok told me to check/press that parameter and then click ik active.
  7. That's would be great, but not really necessary because you already make it. I've also tried target position with force dist on, and that work. Em, for reentry on earth with realsolarsystem and realism overhaul mod. i don't know why the temps can go inside ShuttleCargo and that make your canadaarm exploded. But i've solve this's issue with simple configuration in realismoverhaul. I make a config file for all your canadarm parts and put that file in RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\SpaceShuttleSystem You can see my simple settings below (hope this also can help someone that need it)
  8. Actually i know it when i was read your reply in portuguese, i have three old friends in sao paulo and because of that, i always happy when i can met other person that came from brazil . Obrigado for respond my reply
  9. let me guess, you must be from Brazil right? kkkkkk anyway, greetings from Bali mate, hugs
  10. Wow, glad you came back in here. Just wanna sending this result when i use your mod. I'm use your mod in ksp 1.8 with rss/ro/rp-1 etc. When I first time tried (after many attemps actually) to install your mod, I always failed. The problem is with internal robotic. But, now it's working great. i solve it with using This Infernal RO-Robotics and put your IR configuration to them. For now, there is still three problems that i found. the first problem is Canadaarm can get through to other objects, i think it should cant through another objects, the second problem is red circle not align
  11. i know im late, but i wanna say. Thank you @Trufiadok im using this mod in ksp 1.8.1 @Ulgojax
  12. I Launch Space Shuttle STS 7 Challenger with Palapa B1 Satellite payload, and put that satellite in GEO orbit. I do it like in real life, 6d in space for space shuttle and then land to earth, and put Palapa B1 (HS-376) satellite in to GEO orbit. That satellite that I made also has the same size (length, width, height and mass) as in the real life. I try to make it as close as possible like in real life because I want to study and understand the history of satellites from my country, Indonesia.
  13. After several attempts, I finally can make curved solar panels (not really curve but its close) by installing 16 static solar panels on each tubes. And because of that, i got my answer and results from this discussion. So i wanna say thank you very much for everyone who give their time for helping me, hope this can also help someone that wanna make curved solar panel.
  14. that's look great...! i've also tried build my satellite using this method. but it seems not very close with real life because i cant make curved solar panel. oh ya, because I'm new on this forum. Is it okay if i often giving like to people reply post @Vanamonde? this's my sat. Width, length, mass, and height are same with real life hs-376 (without tank and engine). i also found this hs376 image in kerbalx, and I think he created it using same method that we are currently use nb : sorry if my english isn't good
  15. I've tried using near future solar mod but unfortunately with that mod, mass of my satellite getting bigger and not same / close with real life satellite that i tried to make. But i'll try your advice to put lots small rectangular solar panel, and hope this doesn't add too much weight to satellite Thank you for your respond sir. i really appreciated it.
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