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  1. Alright, done. Let me know if there's anything I missed. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for letting me know this. I had no idea there were such complex rules in the ksp modding community, very cool. I'll be adding a license in a bit.
  3. Hey everyone, since the far future tech mod is a really cool one, and I've been wanting to use it in my Realism Overhaul game, I've recently created a config for all the parts in Far Future technologies to be placed and priced in the RP-1 tech tree (You'll find most of the stuff in the 2051 and further nuclear propulsion nodes). To install, first install the Far Future Tech mod, then simply download the configs and place them in an empty folder in the gamedata folder (the name doesn't matter) This is my first attempt at porting a mod to RP-1 and I'm not too sure about endgame balan
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