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  1. You might want to adjust the scoring, as It's not really worth trying to make a rocket as cheap as possible, because you could make, let's say, a 40,000 rocket that can go to another planet and that outweighs all the points for low cost. A few more things: 1. What do you need to do on mun/minmus? Flyby? Orbit? Land? 2. Does the rocket need to have crew or not? 3. Are cheats/Kal overclocking allowed? 4. Do you need to return from mun/minmus/other planet? Just want to help make the challenge a bit more precise
  2. A submission for the to orbit part with a rocket that contains only 7 parts (Will try to achieve others later): On launch pad: Flying: Hot staging: Orbit: Deorbit burn: Reenty: Slowing down(I did a landing burn but didn't get a screenshot of it): Landed(I decided to jump out for landing because I thought that the speed was too high, but somehow the upper stage survived. Does this count?): The uploading of all of this probably took longer than making the craft and testing it. At least it's done now. I will try to do the other challenges later.
  3. I didn't try this challenge yet, but you can disable fuel flow from tanks when you don't want them to be used.
  4. Thank you for showing it to me! I will be sure to add it too my career mode save. I might have to start the career mode all new again, but that doesn't really matter, because I only did flybys of mun and minmus.
  5. Hello, I recently installed Scansat on my career mode and I like that it makes probes have a bigger purpose than just a relay network or science crafts. Are there any other mods that add more functionality to probes? I would love to hear them
  6. I got 60 fatal errors when trying to load a new instance of KSP. I don't have any part mods in there, just some visual and gameplay mods. KSP log link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qqUjajGisXNWUAy4zmkTgSd6nfNkU6Zi/view?usp=sharing What should I do?
  7. I made an even smaller version that could go to orbit, but kraken doesn't like it, so it's unflyable
  8. So I made a craft that is a bit too op. I cant seem to add any pictures here, so I will post a link to an imgur post: https://imgur.com/a/ebgjGid It costs 310 credits, a mass of 0,009 tons, modded
  9. There should be a cargo text at the bottom of each cfg file, at least I see it Something like this: MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart stackableQuantity = 1 packedVolume = 40 And it shows the cargo part funcionality in game, at least in 1.11.0
  10. How is the merging with the real thing going? Will it still happen?
  11. Is there any way to fix [part name] doesn't have personal inventory space? The part in this case is ranger.minihab which is mks ranger mini habitation module from ModularKolonizationSystems I can work around that by going eva and then in the module, but that can sometimes be uncomfortable, for example in space
  12. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but when loading ksp (1.11.0) it gets stuck on the MKS light globe. If I manually remove the file, it works fine (idk if I have the latest version, it might have been resolved by now).
  13. So the first one of the four is testing rocket configuration. That can be seen on the channel of this guy
  14. When I add a probe core on top of the srb instead of the nose cone I have infinite fuel. I don't think that that's intentional
  15. Cool! I have figured out most of those tips through trial and error.
  16. Hello, everyone! I have been wondering, what's the cheapest thing, that can go to orbit. I have tried a few designs myself, but I want to compare them to others. The challenge is to spend the least funds to go to LKO (low kerbin orbit). It must be at least a bit over 70 km on periapsis. Recovering parts doesn't count. I would like the vesels to be from 1.11, but other versions are accepted. There will be two main ctegories: modded and stock. Stock: 1. 690 by Dvader 2. 1171 by camacju 3. 4. 5. Modded: 1. 310 by Jokpau Gaming 2. 1137 by jimmymcgoochie 3. 4. 5. You need to post a picture of your craft in VAB/SPH, in flight and in orbit with periapsis shown. Craft files would be appreciated too! No cheats, of course. I will edit this post to add winners and explain something, if it's not clear yet. Good luck!
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