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  1. Very Hard to make this work for 1.8.1 , instead i reccomend evo , which is basically rve 64k with rssve that works even on 1.11
  2. going into the ksc screen and clicking on the scatterer icon and enabling kopernicus ring shadows should fix it , if it does or doesnt let me know
  3. found this while casually scrolling trought spacedock , looks cozy , we need more mixes of these mods so people can choose
  4. Well Well Well , Another update was delayed because *drums* i found a way to export space engine assets into cubemaps for my doing , but first if it works correctly i will need to ask the space engine devs for permission on the assets , but dont get hyped , this may not work!
  5. oh and forgot , the new downloads have the fixed lightning and auroras , still cant figure out the venus sorry
  6. thanks ,well my birds have it mow too , love ur configs tho , i hope they gonna start selling vaccines for humans and animals soon
  7. nice , well i got tested positive again. sorry for the school , gonna try your tufx config now
  8. Thanks!, god damn alberro , never thought you would come here, how u been doin?
  9. aight thanks for the confirmation , il make it unpublic but il see what i can do
  10. Release1.2 change log this update was more of a fix then a update that adds anything changes : decreased cubemaps to 48K for better performance
  11. Release1 called Fancy changelog added 64K terrain cubemaps from rve added 16K cloud cubemaps from rve added juicier night city lights added city light glow to clouds at night Known issues : many atmospheric bodies such as venus are experiencing loss of atmosphere texture and scattering that will be fixed in release2 sometime week from now Earth Aurora doesnt load also should be fixed in release2
  12. in scatterer settings there is option of ´ kopernicus ring shadows ´ turn that on and u should be fine
  13. somehow they dont seem to work in the mod yet any other visual mods in your game? also what ksp version are you on? and what scatterer version?
  14. with the ram still better than all consuming rve which can easily eat 19 gb of ram i dont really know that sicne i have katniss cape yeah that looks weird to me also i fix that with tufx
  15. i edited the name cuz it sounded bad and then my quote to only show the message i added a public license to the download sicen i do not own anything here and i will also edit this page to have a public license
  16. MOD ABANDONED Hello and welcome to my thread of a visual Overhaul for ksrss mod this is intended to work and was not tested on 1.8.1 on the experimental dev build of ksrss and future 1.10x versions found here https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS download link below Download Link Here For release1 and many more you have to switch the branch to the name of the release Newest releases here: Kve High /64k cubemaps Kve Medium /48k cubemaps Kve Low /32K cubemaps For all KsRss players to enjoy! also this was mostly made on demand by a user i wont discuss Discord closed this mod requires scatterer and eve to work correctly Also some lag on the ground but when ksp starts to render orbit scene it goes to your normal performance Credit to @TruthfulGnome for getting the images Credits: ksrssve : @tony48 RVE64K : @pingopete EVO textures : @itsjust Kve adds atm : Rve64k scatterer effects rve64K clouds DownScaled 48K earth land cubemaps What Kve will add in the future : max 64K Terrain textures for everything possible higher quality terrains for all planets/moons possible Near-Real life visuals the best performance for quality promised with full mod in the future it could have 5 gb of data Follow development Here! https://trello.com/b/oxtsz6KC/kve-dev License : CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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