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  1. I have used that wonderful website and it has been a great help many times! But, I can't see from toying around with the settings any way that it could answer my question: when to exit a moon's sphere of influence, reduce orbit (lower periapsis to maximise oberth effect later) to elliptic, potentially lift apoapsis a little bit, with help from the moon, AND launch into a transfer trajectory. All this without easy circular parking orbits. And how can I plan this hundreds of days in advance? I should or must calculate the position of the moons AND ship ejection angles in a specific date of the c
  2. And specifically, how can I calculate the direction of my ejection angle beforehand? Say, a hundred earth-days before the optimal transfer window opens, and for example my craft is orbiting Ike or Gilly and I want to return to Kerbin saving as much fuel as possible. How can I calculate and know when to exit Ike's sphere of influence and turn my orbit into a highly elliptical one. I could also for example get a low duna periapsis and, over time with minimal corrections, raise my apoapsis with continuous Ike gravity assists. Then when the transfer window opens, optimally my orbit would already b
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