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  1. i could also imagine an autopilot as a pilot-skill-level or that you could automatically fly to any shhip that you already docked with
  2. - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space - I really don't know if I understood everything you wrote. (This is mainly due to my limited English), but if I understand it correctly, you imagine the solution as real time for each player whose "past" leaves a phantom veil. I think the idea is good and yet I could imagine that this could lead to a conflict. The multiplayer limit may be limited to two, then it may still be possible. But with a long journey there are many possible flights, all of which have to be calculated. I imagine it to be complex, but who knows, it might work. I imagi
  3. Wow, I stopped reading after the first page when I saw it was over 40. but first, my english isnt very well, google helps a lot. I hope it's understandable. Understand better than I write. I hope I don't repeat too much. What I would like would be: - Multiplayer (e.g. starting together as a faction or maybe even in different factions in other systems) - There is a lot and maybe not possible, but it would be nice to make the exploration more interesting through the possibility of discovering things. (Living beings, caves, anything) - It would be nice if the level
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