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  1. wow, thanks for the replies! I forgot about this thread but I actually figured out what was wrong. I put a high gain antenna over top of the door and clipped it down to make it look more realistic. Turns out that was the problem, the antenna was clipped into the door and when I removed it, it worked! Thanks for replying though and sorry for using some of your time for a issue I already fixed
  2. So, I have making history DLC installed and was using the M.E.M command pod to try and recreate the apollo missions. I was building according to Admiral Andre's "how to build the L.E.M/M.E.M" and completed the build . When I went to test the M.E.M and do a EVA, it didn't allow me to. It said "cannot EVA because all hatches are blocked". I tried everything, from building a ne M.E.M to just putting the pod on the darn ground with nothing else. Please help
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