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  1. I can't turn on SAS even though my rocket has a Kerbal, I can only turn on SAS if I have a pilot Kerbal inside it and even then I can't use the maneuver, target and anti-target hold. It only seems to work on probes that have the ability to do all of those (the Probodobodyne HECS2) and on for example the Stayputnik probe core or other probes I can't turn on SAS either. This only seems to be a problem on my current save, but it has occurred a few times on my other saves as well. Is there any way I could fix this without starting a new save?
  2. There is no maneuver indicator when I turn on SAS, this shouldn't happen since there is a Kerbal piloting the craft right? I can still place maneuver nodes though. One thing I found weird was that maneuver hold doesn't show up as one of the "Effects" when I place my cursor over a pilot Kerbal's name.
  3. Hi I tried to get a small asteroid into Kerbin orbit, but when I attached the spacecraft to it, the spacecraft started bugging out. The grabbing arm and the cabin started unattaching from the rocket and then attaching and the entire ship started shaking. And when I tried to throttle up, the asteroid started spinning and the rocket exploded.
  4. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but using the minimum lighting sadly didn't help. I searched for the mod's forum, but it has been closed.
  5. I tried set the reflection setting off and I tried to boost the ambience light boost to 100% but it just boosted the light of the spacecraft not the surface. Restarting also did not help. Also there were no stars in the image, because that was the surface of the Moon. Thanks for trying to help though.
  6. Hi. I started playing SSRSS (Stock Size Real Solar System) and I am having a problem with the lighting. When I get to space near the Moon, the surface becomes really dark even if I'm on the day side of the Moon. This is what the surface looks like:
  7. One more question. Since I'm not running the game through Steam the game won't get updated and my progress won't be saved on the cloud, right? This solution also fixed a lot of the other texture glitches I had like with the service bay and heat shield, but it also broke EVA a bit, since the Kerbals won't turn around while I use the jetpack. And when I was on Minmus I could sometimes randomly see through the ground.
  8. This actually worked... All of the the costum and stock flags are there. Edit: A big thank you to everyone who helped solve this issue.
  9. I just tried doing that, but the flags stayed the same.
  10. Here are the logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/419787j59qh6e0g/Player.log?dl=0
  11. It's located in This PC/D:/#Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program. I don't know how to check logs, I'm sorry.
  12. I deleted KSP_x64.exe and ran the test, but Steam just reinstalled the file and nothing changed.
  13. I verified the files and got a message saying: "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired" and then the game started updating. I verified the files again and this time it said "All files successfully verified". Then I opened the game but still none of the stock flags were showing up, so I closed the game and ran the test again and I again got a message saying "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired" then I ran it again and got the message "All files successfully verified". I re-opened the game and the stock flags still weren't showing up, so I tested the files a few more times and the same thing happened over and over again. After every first test after closing the game updated, but none of the updates fixed anything.
  14. I only found one installation, I will try reinstalling the game again, just one question. If I reinstall I will probably lose my save file. So would it work if I copied the save file, moved the copy somewhere else and when I reinstall, move it back into the saves folder?
  15. Yes, I tried scrolling down. There weren't any other flags that I could select. These are the only ones I see: Thanks, I tried that also, but sadly didn't work.
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