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  1. This i could get behind, provided time warping to whatever date unlocks all the cool stuff is off the table. Like, you do this early mission (launching Sputnik, for example), after which the game auto warps to the next mission to complete?
  2. Or procedural. Stick the base part on the engine and then pick the number of blades it should have.
  3. I don't disagree with this statement...but the implementation wasn't the best. In the beginning, it was cool knowing you had to decide between updating Mission Control or the Tracking Station, or building a bigger rocket to get needed science points. But after you hit a certain point in the game - and it was pretty early on - funds were a joke. Oh, I need 1,000,000to upgrade this building? 2 contracts later and I'm in business. And that's without throwing in the administrative policies that you could use to get even more money considering reputation was a throw-away category.
  4. Well, at a minimum Nate was aware of what was going on. As were the community managers. And TT/IG/PD were all aware of the mass numbers of refunds. And the Steam reviews. And the forums threads. And what was happening on Discord. And what was happening in Reddit. To think that none of that filtered down to the developers - especially those who were now being told that there was a massive list of bug reports that would need to be worked on - is folly. Simply put, they may not have been front line with this, but they certainly weren't in the dark.
  5. Yeah, last night the files were empty and nothing was there. Glad that's fixed now. However, be aware that the mod may not work when you have multiple ships in flight at the same time. I reported the bug to the developer, and while they stated they had it fixed, I haven't tested it out myself. Also, there's a new mod for this being developed called S.T.A.G.E. Not a whole lot done on it yet, but stay tuned!
  6. Do you get credit for the Stretch level if you do this with a probe?
  7. As part of returning a probe from Duna, I created a maneuver node and did a correction burn whilst in Kerbol's SOI. I zoomed in on Kerbin to see where the trajectory would take me...and there was no Pe marker on the path near Kerbin. I fiddled with the camera and moved things around, and I was surprised to see that the Pe marker was in fact along the orbital path...but only in Kerbol's SOI. Which is odd because when doing the same thing with Duna, the Pe marker showed up just fine. While not zoomed in, you can see that the Pe marker along the orbital path for Duna is clear and shows where the path takes you in relation to the surface of the planet. Here you can see that there is no Pe marker along the path near Kerbin, but panning to see the path in Kerbol's SOI you can see the Pe marker. I'll point out that, while it isn't game-breaking, it is a bit of a pain in the keister to have to pan around to find the Pe. It's also a bit of a pain to have to burn when looking at things like this; sometimes the orbital path line goes by too fast while you are looking away from it at the Pe marker, and you have to do multiple burns. It's livable, but should be fixed.
  8. Today, as part of the Duna Mastery Challenge, I put a probe on Duna and got it back home. Also found a couple of bugs that, while are reportable, are not game-breaking. Mission report is here: I am now off to put Luna I into heliocentric orbit, and then put Luna II on the surface of the Mun, both as part of my recreating the historical space race. I hope to get both done today at some point!
  9. @OJT Duna VI: Bring It Home I figured out what I had to do in order to land on Duna and then get the thing home as far as parachutes are concerned - pack an extra one and don't use it. Took me a while to figure that out, but I finally got it. Beyond that, the biggest issue is the trajectory planning bug when coming home from Duna. I had to burn retrograde to Duna's orbit, which the map showed then as going higher (away from) in relation to Kerbol. But when you leave Duna's SOI, you can clearly see the trajectory going towards Kerbin. A small correction burn there, and I had a great intercept. The interesting thing about this correction burn - and you can see this in the images - is that the Pe marker was nowhere near Kerbin, but rather on the larger plotted trajectory. Made it hard to decipher and burn properly, but it worked. The other thing that happened here is when I landed back on Kerbin. I thought I was aiming for the Antarctic ice shelf, which would have been really cool. I was looking forward to time warping a bit after landing to show that, but I ended up in the water. And when I landed in the water, the probe continued to sink and sink and sink and sink...to no end. I did take a semi-shot with the craft some 21 meters BELOW the surface of the water, and I waited until it was some 500 meters below the surface before I recovered the probe. I really wanted that ice shelf shot, too. Bummer. A few other items of note regarding this leg of the challenge. This marks the first time I've used the hydrogen fuel/engines for any flight. I really wanted to use them, knowing that they were preferrable to conventional means with interplanetary travel. Made a world of difference (pun intended) as far as dV goes. Saved me a ton. Maximum G Forces is 137 and change. There's a challenge in there somewhere. Those legs are BOUNCY. It took me at least a dozen tries to get to the surface of Duna before I didn't bounce and flip over. I noticed that, even during periods where the probe wasn't in the sun, the electric charge from the batteries wasn't draining. I checked my settings, and I didn't have infinite charge turned on. Seems to be a bug. Anyhow, that completes this portion. Now I gotta put a kerbal on the surface and get him/her home.
  10. Right on. Context. Which there was little of in your post (unless I wanted to read a bunch of history, which I really don't this morning).
  11. As a follow up to what things were like on launch day, Nate should have been asked what morale was like at the end of the day Monday after sifting through a weekends' worth of bug reports, complaints, and refund requests.
  12. This opinion is not the opinion of every player. You believing that every game is better with multi-player does not mean that everybody shares this thought. Myself....I despise MP. I do not believe that the game will be better for it, and it is a feature that I won't use. But that doesn't mean I am diminishing your excitement over it. You do you, and I'll do me. Just make sure you are clear in your opinions.
  13. Thats kind of a slap in the face to all of us, don't you think? To assume we don't have an imagination is not cool. As I pointed out, I'm limited by the lack of parts.
  14. I'm a bit tired of having a relatively small number of parts to build craft with. And using some of them isn't easy. Like, I'm still trying to find a use for the hydrogen tanks, but getting them into orbit is too painful and you don't get enough bang for the buck there. I don't know, man. I'm gonna keep on keepin' on...but I'm with you. I'm really hoping that the next patch will at least release some new parts. Or give me a reason to want to keep playing sandbox. Cuz right now I'm about this close to going back to KSP1 where I can play career.
  15. Yeah, it is a real bummer that we won't get robotic parts as part of stock. Looks like the modders have some work ahead of them on this front.
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