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  1. Considering all the things I still have yet to do in KSP1, the delay doesn't impact me all that much. I mean, do I want to give the devs my money? Yes. Am I going to be upset that I can't until next year? Nope.
  2. The devs posted on Facebook yesterday that Dres is no longer going to be part of KSP2. This should, effectively, end the discussion about whether or not the planet is real.
  3. @Streetwind You were correct; it was a power issue. I brought a few more panels up there, and once they were deployed I started to very slowly collect ground science. And I mean SLOWLY. Like, is there any actual point to doing this? I think not; from this point on, I just won't collect ground science as I cannot see how this is worth the effort. I love the inventory system, but the ground science just isn't worth the effort, you know? Anyhow, thanks!
  4. @jinnantonix Am I missing something, or did you skip Venera I? Or did you do the entire thing earlier? I thought I saw it, but just want to confirm before giving you credit for the 4 Vostok's!
  5. @Streetwind I'm not sure why the image is so small; I used the same technique to get this here that I've done for every other image I've ever posted. Weird. Anyhow, I'll do some more testing with picking up the science experiment itself and see what happens. If it is a power issue, then, well, duh on me. But I'll let you know!
  6. Upload the image to your hosting site of choice (Imgur is a good one), then copy the link from there and paste it into your message here.
  7. Version: 1.8.1 DLC: Making History, Breaking Ground I'll ask this here in General, even though the copy of the install I'm playing in is modded (I don't think this is a mod question/issue). Anyhow, I am trying to do deployable science for the first time ever, and I'm running into a problem. If you take a look at the below screenshot, you'll see that I have a deployed control station, photovoltaic panel, communotron, and the seismic experiment. The experiment was deployed by the Kerbal scientist in the background, while the other 3 were deployed by Jogan, the active engineer Kerbal. The panel shows that it is producing power (2 units), while the other 3 components all show that they each need 1 unit of power to function. I am aware that I am producing 2 units and need 3, so I know that I will need another panel setup in order to get all the power needed for the whole thing here. But why are all of these showing that they are connected but unpowered? I have zero comm signal, even though I'm literally less than a Kerbal half-jump away from the lander (which has a drone on it for SAS purposes), and I've got multiple satellites in orbit over Minmus. Everything shows both deployed and enabled, as well as all being connected. Again, I realize I need 1 more unit of power to get all 3 modules working, but I don't think that being underpowered is the issue (I can pick up any part and still nothing is powered). What have I done wrong? I deployed these with the appropriate personnel to get the best benefit, I'm definitely within range of the lander, I have satellites in orbit of Minmus, the sun is out and shining, the Kerbals haven't eaten all the snacks...but nothing. Anybody know why this is happening here?
  8. Granted. And nothing happens because you didn't actually wish for anything to happen. You wished a starship...and then gave no verb. I wish the KSC was a real place that we could tour.
  9. Oh, wrong coordinates. Probe in solar orbit collecting data on micro-meteroids.
  10. Granted. The sound is right from your point of view. It couldn't be worse for everyone else l, though. I wish my shirt was blue.
  11. Um, moar boosters. If Kerbals were real, would i be Jeb?
  12. And right through a meteor shower. Kerbol system grand tour.
  13. Banned for impersonating Elmer Fudd.
  14. So I'm working in one of my career saves, and I'm about to land on the Mun. Again. Need the funds from the contract, so what can I say? Anyhow, I never noticed this before: Apparently, the Riddler lives on the Mun in the East Crater. I'm going to land where the dot would be... ...and I overshot it. Might have to make another trip to see what's up here.
  15. That'd be true...if you posted it as a picture.
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